Immortal Flame Book Cover Immortal Flame
Hell to Pay
Jillian David
Paranormal Romance
Crimson Romance
February 2, 2015

Review by Jennifer Kost

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Immortal Flame teases and taunts from the beginning, slowly building characters by revealing pieces of their lives and past in bits.  Peter Blackstone is a seriously complicated character, along with leading lady, Allison La Croix.  Never once was I confused, but I wanted more and more, which unfolded in the story brilliantly.  This story was definitely a paranormal in nature, but I was pulled along by the romance aspect.  Maybe because Valentine’s Day is this weekend?  I don’t think so.  The paranormal only adds a different facet to this wonderful romance between two challenged characters and the adversity they must face together.

When I finished this book, I wanted to know more about other characters, which is a huge success for any author wanting to create a literary dynasty.

Immortal Flame is a slow burn to a fiery furnace, the good kind, not the one that leaves you burned.