Inborn Magic Book Cover Inborn Magic
Hidden Coven Series, Book 1
Kim McDougall
Novella, Paranormal Fantasy Horror Romance, Witches & Wizards
Castelane; 3 edition
March 23, 2017

It should have been a simple spell…

Light into heat, heat into flame.

How did it all go so wrong?

Paralyzed … magic drained … Bobbi lies wondering …

Only the Mistress of the Hidden Coven can save her, but Quinn doesn’t want to let a stranger past the coven wards. It’s his job to keep strangers out. Especially when a demon is hell-bent on stealing their most precious resource—magic.

Can Quinn lower his shields enough to let Bobbi in?

Can Bobbi trust these witches to help her tame the wild magic inside her?

No one can stand alone against the coming darkness.

No witch can hide any longer.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Bobbi has never had training in using magic and that has led to one mistake after another but her last mistake trying to make fire nearly killed her. Obviously she is about to discover that one cannot teach themselves magic without great risk. This spell left her unable to speak or move and she is laying on the ground praying for someone to help her.

Help comes in the form of Abilene and her brother Quinn who know that she is spell locked and frozen and the only one that can help is their mother Jane. Quinn is totally against bringing Bobbi back to their coven fearing that her inexperience could be dangerous to them but he can’t exactly let her lay there dying.

Jane brings Bobbi back but intends to keep her there even if she has to use magic. An attempt at escaping proves that Bobbi will get nowhere without assistance and she finds herself back at Jane’s house accepting a proposition to remain for one week and get some training, a proposition she readily agrees to. While there Bobbi learns about the danger the coven is facing and the danger those using magic will face in the future, it could once again bring about the Inquisition.

Bobbi learns what magic she has and it is an inborn magic making using props unnecessary, she can start a fire just by using what is in her. She also learns what dangers the coven is facing and it comes in the form of a demon.

Books about witches and magic are not my favorite genres but this book changed my mind because it was short and yet filled with suspense and left me with a desire for more.