Infernal Affairs Book Cover Infernal Affairs
Jordan L. Hawk
Novella, LGBT, Transgender Romance
Independently Published
February 7, 2020

Ralgath wants nothing more than to work as a crossroads demon. Too bad he botched his first assignment when a very sexy mortal turned the tables on him. Now he has one chance to get his job back: find two demons who vanished in the human realm. Unfortunately, doing so means teaming up with Chess—the mortal who cost Ralgath his job in the first place.

Chess has spent the last three years using their infernally granted powers to do good. But now Ralgath has a new offer for them: help find the missing demons, and he’ll return Chess’s soul.

After their last encounter, Chess is the last person Ralgath should be interested in. But the passion that initially drew them together still burns hotter than the flames of the Underworld. Chess claims they never meant to hurt Ralgath, but can Ralgath afford to trust them? Because while Ralgath may have Chess’s soul, he’s increasingly certain Chess owns his heart.

Note: Infernal Affairs originally appeared in the Devil Take Me anthology. This new edition is the author’s preferred edit.

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

What happens to deals made with the devil?  How do they keep up with all that paperwork?

Well Jordan Hawk’s story “Infernal Affairs” has insight into the bureaucracy of the deals and the ever after.  Because what would be more of a hell than dealing with red tape at its finest?

Navigating the politics of hell and the nuances of the deals made at the crossroads are only some of the difficulties our “heroes” Ralgath and Chess must face.  The influence of the bureaucracy was almost a character itself in this story.  It added an element of levity and made it even more fun to read.

I absolutely loved the on page chemistry between Ralgath and Chess.  Their romance was quick and hot.  When they stopped trying to prove themselves to their respective families and joined forces, it made all the difference.  It was astounding to me that this story was only 87 pages, because Hawk managed to get so much story into those pages.

This is a fantastic quick read and you really need to add it to your library.