An Inn Decent Proposal Book Cover An Inn Decent Proposal
Sharon Buchbinder
Contemporary Romance
September 2, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jim Rawlings grew up in Victory Shores but left when he was eighteen. He was a gambler that did nothing but cause grief for his parents who always were there for him until a drunk driver took their lives. Now Jim keeps busy working as a hotel manager, working long hours and keeping him from thoughts of gambling.  The Victory Shores Inn once a vacation destiny for the rich and famous is going up for auction. The Inn is now in shambles but it is Jim’s dream to buy it and redo it to it’s previous splendor.

Genie King is a chef who also grew up in Victory Shores and is on her way to the same auction as Jim. She is tired of working for men who treat her badly and especially her current boss who has blacklisted her every time she tries to apply for a new job. With $500,000 at her disposal she is ready, willing and able to buy the Inn and is shocked when she sees Jim also there. Jim was the boy she had a huge crush on when the were growing up and the hotel manager and the chef both have big dreams.

Everything would have been perfect except for a New Jersey criminal who has his sights on the Inn for a future casino. Genie and Jim do the only thing they can and that is pool their money together and offer the outlandish amount of $1,000,000 for the Inn leaving them with little or no money for repairs. Tony Aiolfo lost the Inn but that is not going to stop him from getting what he wants even if it means sabotaging the Inn or burning Genie’s house to the ground.

A criminal, an inn falling apart and two people who find love, that is all I will say about this book. It is not long but lacks nothing and it has sex, attempted rape and surprises.