Invasion of Justice Book Cover Invasion of Justice
Shadows of Justice Book 2
Regan Black
Paranormal Romance, Thriller, Mystery
Getaway Reads, LLC
August 28, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild

As you might have read previously, I have undertaken a Three Book Series for review. The author, Regan Black, submitted Veil of Justice Book 3 of her Shadows of Justice Series for Review . I must admit, the books are truly stand alone, but I am happy to have started from the beginning.

Petra Neiman, is an empath. She works under Special Agent Kincaid, for the Central Region Investigation Authority. When she is brought  to a crime scene and can feel residuals of the murder and guide Kincaid and the authorities to the guilty.

We meet her in 2096, in Indianapolis, in the middle of a horrific dream where by she is in the head of a murderer, and feels and sees it through his eyes. .She is jarred awake by her phone and Kincaid telling her to come to Chicago, immediately and alone She is brought to a crime scene, where a dead woman was found. Using her abilities, she gives her report about what she feels .At the scene, is under-cover Dark-Ops Gideon Callahan . His “job” is to observe Petra under the disguise of helping her.

Petra is also told that her brother Nathan was arrested for a horrible murder. She realizes that was the murder in the dream she had. Since she was “there” through the eyes of the evil murderer she knows Nathan did not do it. Nathan and she share wonderful talents. His “BOND” is cut off from her and she must deal with the case at hand while continuing to try to reach him through the telepathy they share.

Petra’s abilities are brought out in feelings. She has to be warned about touch, because when this occurs, all the feelings from the other person is transferred to her in a stream of information. Her world has been built on very little personal contact. It also keeps her feelings safe as well

Ms Black has put all her ducks in a row. The scene is set for this thriller. Gideon who is an all black and white kind of guy, thinks feelings should not be at crime scenes. Petra our mystic is plagued by her talents. It becomes Gideon who searches his heart, to believe. I truly do not want to write any Spoilers for you the reader. If I say any more, I could do just that. Sooo

Did I say the “This series is compelling???” Did I say,”What a roller coaster ride???” Have I said ” Get the books???” What I will say is “On to Book three Veil of Justice…