Irony of Time Book Cover Irony of Time
Irony of Time series Book 1
M.L. Crum
Time Travel
October 12, 2014

Reviews by Tina

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

When Irony of Time begins, we are in 2013 which is present day for the story. Miriam has fallen for a paranormal creature name Ian. The novel never says exactly what he is, but I assume he is a vampire. Ian has spent much of his lifetime creating a time machine and Miriam is the person he chose to be the first to be sent back in time. The intention is for her to go back in time one year, but Ian is far more powerful than either of them think.

Miriam has no recollection of her life before Ian. Ian found her in the hospital post suicide attempt. She can’t remember anything about her life, where she came from, her name, why she tried to kill herself. This works to Ian’s advantage for what he has planned for her, but he didn’t count for one thing. Love.

Miriam is thrust back in time and decides to stay ten years in the past. Her goal is to change the course of her family history and save her sister. Now a teenager, ten years in the past and without Ian, she remembers everything.

This story captured my attention almost from the very beginning. I wanted to know what would happen next, but I found myself skimming ahead a few pages or chapters at a time when the story would start to lag. I enjoyed the story and it has great potential, but I didn’t love the story which is why I’m giving it four stars. I wasn’t so gripped by it that I just couldn’t put it down.

Miriam is a likeable character. Her 25 year old mind is now in her sixteen year old body. We get glimpses of the original past, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed her character as I did had she reverted back to the teenage personality she had.

I was back and forth with Ian. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about him. Is he a jerk? Is he really a good guy but confused? Is he a vampire? He ends up being more than I’d hoped he would, and out of all the characters he made me feel the most.

Overall, I enjoyed the story but it wouldn’t be a reread for me. I would recommend it for someone who needs a read that’s easy on the heart and not too gut wrenching.