Isolation Book Cover Isolation
Planet Alpha
Jade Black
MM Romance, Science Fiction
Evernight Publishing
March 10, 2020

Leah has one goal in life: to find a new planet for the humans ineligible to be Alphan mates. When the trading ship she purchased a berth on docks with a scout ship, her lack of ability to tell the difference between Alphans and Xyrans gets her into trouble.

Unwilling to leave the human with the vulnerable trade ship, Nalan immediately offers her a new place with them, knowing this chance to bond with a human woman might be their only one.

As captain of the Zyzan, Gelar’s primary concern is making sure Xyran pirates can’t flank Alphan space, along with enjoying the year alone with his mate Nalan. To find a human this far out should have been impossible, and yet her ability to survive on the poisonous ship just to make a living intrigues them both. Humans aren’t allowed to leave Earth without an Alphan mate. Will her dreams doom the three of them?

Review by Phoebe Matthews
Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Jade Black writes one heck of a heroine in Isolation. Black has definitely written this story in this time of #bodypositivity and I for one was happy to read it. Leah is dealing with the cards life has handed to her, but not only that, she is trying to save mankind. Mind you this is all single-handedly in an unknown arena and in a hostile environment. Guts, perseverance, and patience is what Black has written for our Leah.

Black then provides us with some lovely entertainment in the form of Gelar and Nalan. All I can say is, “Hot.” These scenes are steamy and then Black adds Leah to the couple and “I need a fan, please!”

If this is what Black considers Isolation, I am doing it all wrong (laugh). Everyone should have to do their self-isolation this way. Luckily we can with Leah, Gelar, and Nalan.

This is a #bodypositive story.