Jeremiah Book Cover Jeremiah
The Alphas Book 2
Jessica Cage
Paranormal Romance
April 18, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jeremiah is a rogue wolf who left his pack leaving them to assume he was dead. Jeremiah lived in his brother’s shadow. For years, he has been part of a secret government funded organization called “The Team.” Jeremiah was part of a scientific experiment that changed his wolf forever, just one more secret he has to keep to himself. When he receives word that his brother Malcom has been infected by a demon, he is ready to leave everything behind him in spite of warnings from his boss, the vampire Cassandra. There is no doubt that he has a target on his back.

Although Malcom has never been aware of his brother, Jeremiah is determined to save his life. Malcolm is the only family he has left. There is a cure for the demon infection and hopefully he will make it in time. On the way, he comes face to face with Tatiana (Tot), the she-wolf he left behind but never forgot. Tatiana has secrets of her own, especially why she has walked away from her pack and is living alone. Tatiana did something that could essentially bring harm to her pack since she is being hunted, so leaving was the best thing she could do.

Now Jeremiah and Tatiana are both being hunted and they agree to watch each other’s backs. Tatiana is willing to accompany Jeremiah, even though she knows he is keeping something important from her. He knows about the demons and knows about the cure, but will he trust Tatiana with the information? When Tatiana finds out the name of Jeremiah’s brother, she finds herself with another secret, one which could totally end any chance of her and Jeremiah being together again. There is no doubt that as soon as Malcom is cured, he will see her and reveal her secret, so she has no choice but to tell Jeremiah herself. What she did and what his reaction is, you would have to find out when you read the book.

This is the second book in the series. I did not read the first one, so at times I felt that something was missing. The author did try to explain what previously transpired, but I still feel that I missed out on a lot. Even with that said I still enjoyed the book and gave it four stars so there is no doubt those who read book one will absolutely love this.

There are secrets, surprises and violence, with some very hot sex thrown in for good measure.