Just Like Gravity Book Cover Just Like Gravity
Sorchia DuBois
Paranormal Romance
Lagan Press
November 7, 2014

This paranormal romance set in Scotland combines reincarnation, mystery, ghosts, and a fair portion of single-malt whisky to tell a story of true love that lasts three lifetimes.

  • Take one fortuneteller driven half-mad by nightmares.
  • Add one large, arrogant Scotsman on the run from Glasgow gangsters, a crazy ex-wife, and a brother-in-law who wants him dead.
  • Stir in murder, lost treasure, tarot cards, ghosts, past lives, and karma.
  • Sprinkle repeatedly with generous portions of Laphroaig Scotch whisky and let simmer in the Highlands for 300 years.
Three books in one, Just Like Gravity follows Anna, a reluctant fortuneteller,  as she navigates the churning waters of destiny. Can her dreams and tarot cards show her the way or is she doomed to relive the same tragedy over and over and over?

Review by Heather Gabriel

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The main characters in this novel are Anna and Davey. Anna is a recently widowed psychic who is looking for ‘what to do with her future’ while backpacking across Scotland with her daughter. Davey is a troubled local who happens upon her while hiding to save his life. Neither one is thrilled at their first meeting. When he decides to keep her safe while she continues her journey, things get amusing. As the story continues, you learn things about their past lives and learn how it ties in to the present. This story has mystery, family feuds, treasure hunting, ghosts, secrets, and, of course, romance. It keeps you guessing who the bad guy is. Will they figure out what happened in the past? Will they be able to stop it from happening again? Will the feuding ever be resolved?

I loved that the story was set in Scotland. This story does jump characters and time, but once you get past the first few chapters, you start to realize why and it’s fairly easy to keep up with what is happening. It keeps you on pins and needles wondering what is going to happen next. There are minor errors such as a word or letter in a word missing or wrong word tense used, but it was nothing major and I barely noticed while I was reading. If you love a good romance story with mystery and excitement around every corner, you will want to read this book for sure.