Killer Keys Book Cover Killer Keys
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 10
Mildred Abbott
Murder Mystery
January 26, 2019

A celebratory weekend at a historic inn brings a blizzard, delicious cornbread, a cozy fire, and a murder… or two…

Winifred Page and her sidekick corgi, Watson, join an assortment of family and friends to celebrate her uncles’ anniversary at Baldpate Inn, nestled above Estes Park, Colorado. A blizzard is approaching, but the prospect of being snowed in means more time in the lovely mountain retreat—complete with river rock fireplaces, log cabin rooms, and a collection of thousands of keys from around the world.

With the blizzard raging outside the rustic inn, the early arrival of a knitting group adds a touch of drama, but nothing can unravel the cozy party spirit. Even when the power goes out, the merrymaking continues by lantern light. But in the flickering shadows and twisting hallways, relationships transform, secrets are uncovered, and death comes calling.

A weekend of glittering celebration unlocks a storm of change for Fred and Watson…

(This culinary cozy mystery includes a recipe for scrumptious cornbread.)

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the 10th book in this series…and fans like myself who love a good who dun it….this series should be right up your alley.

Ms Abbott has painted a small quaint town  called Estes Park nestled deep in the mountains of the north west . With its pretty setting….quaint facade…  Ms Abbott has  turned it into a cloak and dagger  town with hidden pasts, petty hatreds, and big crime. I Love it!

The characters are all relatable, and we after 10 stories ‘know’ the town and families  as our own. So this newest brings us to Winifred’s uncles Anniversary celebration at an old Historic hotel in the mountains. What a quaint setting for a family party..unless a horrendous unexpected blizzard  blows in… taking out the electricity. Then another group arrives a day early because they tried to beat the storm…. and there is a murder….Cornell Mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick????

Again Winifred is asked to do the dirty work and solve this, with the help of  the handsome Park Ranger Leo Lopez……..Cannot wait for more and to try this new Katie Corn Bread Recipe!!!