King in Chains Book Cover King in Chains
Into the Dark Woods, Book Two
Grey Francis
Erotic Paranormal Romance
September 21, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is Alastair’s story beginning at the age of ten and going into the present. Killian is back after being gone for two hundred years but Alastair still can’t trust that he won’t disappear again. He and Cassie searched for him always having an empty spot in their hearts without him and if he leaves again Alastair is not sure he will be able to survive it.

It all began when at the age of ten Alastair joined the other men in his village to fight their enemy. Alastair was a great fighter but even he couldn’t survive the onslaught and he found himself surrounded by dead bodies while waiting for the mongrels to finish the job. That was when he found himself in the arms of a man carrying him to safety. The man was actually Master Vampire Killian and from that day on he was educated and trained.

Alastair always felt safe with Killian in spite of knowing he was a vampire but what he didn’t know was that his feelings for the vampire went deeper than just a sense of security because Killian knew immediately that Alastair was his True Mate. Killian did everything in his power to stay clear of Alastair and allow him to reach maturity but Alastair was never one to just go with the flow and eventually Killian found himself unable to stay away and bonded with him before he was eighteen. At twenty-two Alastair was to be turned but he refused. His best friend during his time with Killian was Finn and when Finn died during turning Alastair knew he would rather die fighting and so he refused Killian’s gift. Of course if you read book one then you know all that transpired between them.

Of course as soon as Killian returned to Cassie and Alastair they couldn’t get enough of each other and when Killian announced that he was going back to Europe to deal with the Sentient Society and taking Cassie with him Alastair was convinced that he would never see them again. He was not wrong because there is a new Master Vampire who is attacking and killing Alastair’s men but worse yet is that it is a woman and when she captures Haven, Alastair’s son and tortures him leaving him near death all bets are off. She has to die but easier said than done.

The vampire is a necromancer and she commands the dead and everytime Alastair gets close she comes out ahead. The last time they attacked her compound Alastair was taken and Killian and Cassie are in Europe and unaware of what has transpired. Alastiar is subjected to every form of punishment and even with his taste for pain he is pushed to the limit. The vampire is someone from his past and she will stop at nothing to have him and his throne. Can Alastair win against this monster when his powers are being subdued? Can Killian and Cassie arrive in time and save him? I can say without giving anything away that it is none stop tension.

This book is filled with secrets, surprises and explicit torture and BDSM. There is no limit to the amount of sex but then again vampires require sex as much as they require blood and BDSM is practiced by humans every day. In spite of all the torture and sex it was a book that was never dull and putting all of the sex and torture aside it is a story of a deep never ending love between the three main characters. I recommend reading the books in order and I can’t wait till the next book in the series.