A Kiss of Crimson Book Cover A Kiss of Crimson
Little Red Book Book 1
Christina Quinn
Paranormal/vampire romance
March 31, 2017

Reviewed by A. T. Weaver

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I would like to start this review with a disclaimer – I usually don’t read vampire books. However, I feel a good reviewer should be able to read an unknown genre and know if the writing is good or bad and if people who like the genre would be interested in it. I will say the writing is good. Just enough description to let the reader ‘see’ the characters and the world.

Since I’m not familiar with vampires,  I don’t know if the world this author created is unique or if there are similar worlds out there. I do know that I enjoyed the world where vampires and werewolves walk among humans without detection.

Sadie has been warned of the dangers of loving a vampire. When she first meets Byron, she has no idea of what he is, but she is suspicious. By the time he reveals his true self to her, she is so much in love it doesn’t matter. She’s willing to let him feed from her, even to the possible point of death, and to go against his ‘sire’ when her life is threatened.

The book starts a bit slow, but picks up speed about halfway through, and the excitement carries on to the end. I have one problem with this book. It is marketed as though it is part of a series. It is more of a serial. In a series, each book can stand alone. There are no loose ends for the reader to wonder about.

In a serial, the end leaves the reader wondering what happens next. The words ‘to be continued’ may not be written, but they are implied. If the reader wants the whole story, they must buy the next installment.

Would I buy the next book? If I were a reader of vampires and werewolves,  probably yes.

Would I recommend this book to a reader of vampire stories? Definitely.