Kiss of the Virgin Queen Book Cover Kiss of the Virgin Queen
Kiss of the Jinni Hunter Series
Sharon Buchbinder
Paranormal Historical Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
October 14, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a book of two stories in one, the past with The Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, and the present with Eliana Solomon and Arta Shahani.

We are taken back to the time when Makeda, The Queen of Sheba, and King Solomon, the King of Israel, meet. Makeda is sent an invitation to meet with Solomon in Jerusalem, a meeting between a queen and a king that would change their lives and their kingdoms. For the first time in his life, and with seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines, Solomon has finally found love, only it is with the Virgin Queen. In order for her to be queen, Makeda must stay a virgin, keeping Solomon and her from ever being together. But history tells us that she gives birth to a son, a son who would be king of two nations. The love between Makeda and Solomon was a love that would last a lifetime.

Eliana Solomon is a decendant from Solomon and Makeda, and she is also a Special Agent for Homeland Security hunting jinni (genies). Werewolf children have gone missing in the Appalachian Mountains, one girl found dead and two other girls missing. When the two girls finally show up, they are visibly pregnant, and there is a fear that they were raped by a jinni. If that is true, than the children would be very dangerous, because they would be half jinni and half werewolf.

Eliana knows that she needs the help of someone with experience dealing with jinni and she calls on the man she hoped to never see again, a man who left her for dead in the desert. Now she has no choice but to call on him. Arta Shahani is a psychiatrist with firsthand experience in dealing with shapeshifters and an expert on jinni possessions. Arta is shocked to hear from Eliana, a woman he has loved from the first time he saw her. He shifts into a lion, and that is what happened when they were in the Arizona desert. In time he will have to explain to her why he left her, because he wants to have a relationship with her. Eliana also fell for Arta, but how can she trust a man who left her to die?

Eliana has no idea that her family was cursed by a jinni and that everything that is happening is because of her. A jinni wants Eliana and it goes back to the time of Solomon and Makeda. I really enjoyed the story regarding Solomon and Makeda but did not enjoy the story taking place in the present time. I think that the history portion of this book outshined the present portion of this book. Whenever the story went back to the present I found myself looking forward to reading more about the past. I believe if there was more written about Solomon and Makeda and less about Eliana and Arta, it would have held my interest more, because I got so wrapped up in the past I could care less about the present. My rating is based primarily on the past story.

*Winner: 1st Place Best Historical Paranormal Romance Novel

2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards