A Knight's Terror Book Cover A Knight's Terror
World of de Wolfe Pack Book 1
M.L. Guida
Fantasy Romance
Kindle Worlds
September 5, 2016

Reviews by Tina

Member of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

A Knight’s Terror begins with Duncan, a Dragon Knight, in medieval times. He’s running from the evil of Swan’s Castle with an important but evil ridden box. The box contains a chapter of a book with evil spells.

When Duncan arrives back at Castle Questing with the book, his brother is taken and replaced with a woman from the twenty-first century. The woman, Holly, is a descendent of Wolfe, Duncan’s king.

When Wolfe’s wife opens the box and finds the paper inside is blank and not the chapter they’d expected, he sends Duncan and Holly on a quest to find and destroy the chapter.

Duncan, who still pines for his dead mate, reluctantly agrees to help and protect Holly on this quest.

Holly is a strong willed woman who doesn’t take shit from any man. She will not be bossed around and will not be left behind to wait for the man to return. She throws herself into the quest and surprises the hell out of Duncan with her self-sufficient attitude.

I really enjoyed Holly’s character, it was easy to relate to her even though she had been thrust into another time. She is definitely a woman of the twenty-first century.

Duncan on the other hand wasn’t quite as easy to relate to, as he is a Dragon Knight from medieval times. This didn’t bother me in the least though, as his chivalry and protective nature melted my heart and had me swooning.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The only reason I am giving it four stars instead of five is because I felt it needed a proofread. The editing wasn’t terrible but there were a few extra or missing words or phrases here and there. It was enough that I noticed but I was able to enjoy and appreciate the story. I would recommend the story to friends who love fantasy romance and are able to overlook minor errors.