Last Stop for Sin Book Cover Last Stop for Sin
Gold Dust Brides Book 3
Devon McKay
Romantic Action Adventure Western
Independently Published
March 15, 2020

Headstrong and passionate, Prudence Webster gave little regard to her future. She lived only for the moment. The price cost her dearly.Losing her sister in a brutal Native American attack, Prudence finds herself the ward of two orphans. Forced to provide shelter and food for the children, she takes the first job she can…entertaining at a saloon.

After his partner is murdered in cold blood over a hand of cards, Harrison Sweet faces two choices. Now the self-appointed sheriff, he can make it his lifetime goal to clean up Hangtown or he can use his power to avenge his friend.

And then a fiery red head comes along disrupting all his plans.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If you have been reading this series, then you know that the last time we saw Prudence Webster she was running. Her wagon train was attacked and her sister, Grace, insisted she flee to save two orphan children who watched as their parents were killed.


Now we finally catch up with the youngest Webster sister, the sister that will do anything to protect the two children she has taken charge of. Arriving in Old Dry Diggen still dressed like a boy she enters into a card game, something her dad taught her. Like her father, she is a card counter. However, things don’t go as planned when a fight breaks out and she tries to run. Unfortunately, her hat falls off and everyone is in shock to see that the boy is actually a beautiful redheaded girl.


Harrison Sweet, the sheriff, comes just in the nick of time to settle things down and to take Prue into custody for her own safety. No matter what she tells Harrison, he doesn’t believe her and the next thing he knows, he, not she is behind bars. The owner of the bar decides that Prue would be the perfect addition to his bar as a Faro dealer, and of course that leads to a challenge between the two. Prue becomes the new proud owner of a bar she names Reds, while Harrison tries to come to grips with his very strong feelings for this very stubborn woman.


I won’t go into the details of what happens, whether Prue is reunited with her sisters, whether Prue and Harrison find love. I will say that things do not go smoothly when Garrett’s father comes looking for his missing son and his missing mail order bride.