The Law of Attraction Book Cover The Law of Attraction
Jay Northcote
MM Contemporary Romance
Jaybird Press
February 5, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild

I just love when I find a new author to read, and here I am with my first review for Jay Northcote. I have seen this author on FB in some of the same places I tread as a reviewer. I saw enough to check out this author’s work and am happy to say, this is the first book but not the last of his that I will be reviewing.

In The Law of Attraction we meet Alec Rowland, hardworking lawyer in a London Firm. He is deeply closeted, working towards partner, sadly, the only life he has. His only escape are one time hook-ups, so no warm fuzzies for this man.

Ed Piper is young, just fresh out of many years of law school, ready to start a new job Monday morning in a prestigious law firm. But first, while out with his rowdy friends to blow off steam on a Friday night, they meet….Oh what a web fate weaves.

The premise might not be a new one, but our author gives the reader interesting characters, hot sizzle between the two, and the twist of such deep redemption for such a lonely soul, getting more than he could ever wish for, it was everything I could want for Alec to have. After all, when reading a love story you do want a HEA…This was with whipped cream and cherries!!!