Le Remède Book Cover Le Remède
Densie Webb
Paranormal Romance - Vampire
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 7, 2018

Andie Rogé craves control like some people crave chocolate. But she can't control her feelings when she encounters Vincent Dubois at Lizzie Borden's Bar.

Tortured by blood lust that has ruled him for almost two hundred years, Vincent is unprepared for the pull he feels toward Andie. He can only surrender to what he knows is fate.

Offered a cure from a rare black orchid, he faces an agonizing choice—take the only dose and join Andie in the human life he so deeply desires or give the cure to his Kindred brother to stop his bloody rampage. Fate brought them together but will it destroy their chance at a future?

Review by Sylvia A. Reddom

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The author sets the tone by using each Chapter to introduce each main character and then speak to you from their perspective in the first person. The main folks you will be introduced are Vincent Dubois (originally from Paris) and Andie (full name Antoinette Fitzpatrick known as Antoinette Roge (last name of her French stepfather).

Their friends are brought along to help you see the whole picture of their lives – Vincent’s friend Nicholas and Andie’s roommate “Mack”. Then new work colleagues at Andie’s new office join the fray.

Where they take you is on a ride! One you will not soon forget – and may give you some very interesting dreams in nights to come!

They introduce you to The Kindred, living among them. Those who come for what they need and take if from you – whether you want them to or not. And sometimes cost you more than you wanted to give. Like your life.

You relive the rollercoaster ride of the horror of Vincent’s loss of his wife Danielle and what become of him afterwards.  Vincent, in his own words, shares of moving to “beyond caring” about right from wrong, moral judgement and guilt. He needs what he needs and must get it. At whatever cost.

From Europe to New York he travels the world setting up several small businesses with his partner Nicholas – from print shops to coffee shops, bakeries and flower shops. Moving when they need to, never hiring too many staff.  They have moved around Manhattan’s five boroughs so they can blend in better and no one notices that they aren’t aging much, or at all.

Then Gus shows up.

Gus from England, who Vincent has never missed – and hoped he would never see again.  Gus who tried so desperately to force Vincent deeper into the darker aspect of their world. Gus who still looked like a  young male model. Over a hundred years later. How does he do it?

And Gus does not come to visit alone – rather he brings along a success story to brag about the once young Kindred Elijah is ow a happily married older man with kids, aged. Human again. Apparently after ingesting a magic potion nicknamed “La Remede” that released him from the life of a Kindred, to live and die a natural death again.

Gus, as usual, wants something in return. This time it is a rare and elusive Orchid from which he claims to be able to concoct more the portion and keeping on living off the income.

Gus wants Vincent to get him plants and in return will release Vincent from his life of agony. Vincent is very interested, has always hated the life of so much death. His partner Nicholas however is content to stay in his Kindred lifestyle.

Enter Andie, her roommate Mackenna (Mack) and Andie’s fiancé David, who she met when he was “the writer upstairs”. Long story short David dumps Andie when he finds some fame as writer and heads off to Bhutan to find himself without Andie.

Suddenly when running a flower errand for Mack, Andie meets Nicholas and Vincent at their shop. Sparks fly between Andie and Vincent the moment she touches his hand. Literally.

Nether understands fully what to do next but Andie and Vincent are drawn together and pushed apart, while Nicholas struggles with what to do with his life. Turn his bad boy life into something better but shorter or try to live forever?

Mack on her own finds true love with an unlikely hipster type called Chester and they fall passionately into love. Meanwhile Andie thinks Vincent has dumped her (David all over again?) but in reality he is trying to save her life.  Or her life as she knows it.

She is about to send Vincent to get the psychiatric help she knows he needs – and that all he tells her cannot be true. Or is it? Then he shows her – he can heal himself from wounds….spontaneously.

Vincent goes from being Andie’s lover and friend to some kind of alien fiend in her eyes spontaneously still she feels this drawn to him which is unbelievable and  for which she cannot account. Vincent continues to “enlighten” Andie – and details how his wife and child were murdered in front of him, by a lady Kindred herself, whose husband had lost everything due to debts owed collected by his Father. And who made him a Kindred also.

Did he mention it all happened in 1865? And his wife’s name was Aurelia Galland.

What comes to really entice and shock the reader all at once is that Andie discovers in her own research what Vincent has been trying to tell her:  they are linked, their families have been linked for hundreds of years, and that, indeed one of her own genealogical links may have made him what he is today…and that Andie and him are linked together, forever, already.

This is a love story of unfathomable proportions, wrapped up in a scientific discovery and bound with a mythical base that will shake your most basic beliefs to the core.

Don’t read it too late at night, in the dark when you are alone though. You might never get to sleep.

Open the first page – you will be at once enthralled, enraged, enraptured and enthralled again and each “Chapter” in their lives will drag you relentlessly to the end – for Andie and Vincent and everyone who surrounds them.