Legacy of Lies Book Cover Legacy of Lies
Hell's Valley
Jillian David
Crimson Romance
November 14, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is my first book by this author and definitely not my last. This book has everything I love, romance, a hunky hero, a beautiful heroine, paranormal, a bad guy and suspense.


Sara Lopez grew up in Copper River, Wyoming but she was not known as respectable. When she was young her mother dropped her off at her aunt and uncle and never returned. Sara got involved with shoplifting and was arrested but she worked very hard to overcome her past. Sara is now back in Copper River as a second grade teacher and after four years she will have repaid her student loan. Copper River was short teachers and after the four years she will have fulfilled her obligation and she can finally move on.


Parent-teacher conference is not something she looks forward to since telling parents that their child might not be perfect is hard to do but this time it will turn into something she could never have forseen. Her last parent is Garrison Taggart the very man she had a teenage crush on, he is now divorced with a young son Zach and she has to tell him that Zach has been acting out. Zach has been the target of bullying and pushes back. It is common knowledge that his wife walked out on him and Zach taking every penny they had out of the bank. Sara is worried that his mother’s leaving may be having an affect on Zach but it is not something Garrison will even consider.


Garrison comes from a family with special gifts and his is the ability to tell if someone is lying He tries not to use his gift because it involves seeing into someone’s mind but he has lost trust in people since his wife and needs to see if Sara is telling the truth. Garrison is less than nice with Sara and leaves her feeling drained. It is also common knowledge that Sara once dated Hank Brand a man who is determined to destroy the Taggart family.


The Taggart ranch and the Brand ranch are next to each other and cattle are constantly disappearing from Garrison’s ranch. Hank wants Garrison to sell his ranch to him and is doing everything in his power to put the ranch into debt. Garrison’s father and his sister Shelby and brother Kerr are there to help but it may not be enough. Shelby has the ability to find things that is why she works with Search and Rescue and Kerr is recovering from losing a leg in Afghanistan. It is a constant fight to stay afloat.


Garrison does realize that his actions towards Sara were unwarranted and asks her to dinner,it is a dinner that will have both good and bad reprecussions. Hank is not happy about the dinner and can cause all manner of trouble. Hank’s brother is the principal at Sara’s school and he can easily cause her to lose her job and the prospect of paying off her debt. Hank doesn’t want Sara he just doesn’t want Garrison to have her.


I don’t want to give too much away but a romance does blossom between Sara and Garrison and Hank is willing to do whatever it takes to take everything away from Garrison, everything that means anything to him. Can Garrison protect his ranch, his son and the woman he wants to be with? I can’t wait for the next book in this series and hopefully the wait won’t be long.