Life for Sale Book Cover Life for Sale
Tomorrow's Angels, Book 2
Linda Nightingale
Futuristic Science Fiction Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
August 24, 2020

Mayfair Electronics has created life.

But four of their Special Editions—sentient androids indistinguishable from human—have escaped.
Rebel, Christian Aguillard and his owner, March, are on the run, but they have a bigger problem than his creator's plan to destroy him. They've discovered that one of the renegades has suffered a dangerous malfunction, threatening them with more than just exposure.

Trapped on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic, March and Christian must stop the insane robot before someone else dies. All the evidence points to March being the killer's next victim.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

The four Mayfair Special Editions, Christian, Daniel, Trevor and Monica II are on the run. Christian is now married to his owner March Morgan and even with a bill of sale and a marriage license Mayfair could take him away from her and there would be no way she could fight it. As an android March would have no rights to something Mayfair owned.

It has been six months and Christian knows without a doubt that he did not have to be programmed to love March, he loved her as soon as he saw her and their love just keeps growing. Then something unexpected happens that could change everything, Monica II is involved in a plane crash and is the only survivor putting her in Mayfair’s sights. Then the pilot’s head is delivered to Christian scaring him to death.

When Daniel reveals that he has been hired as an entertainer on a cruise ship they all decide a reunion is in order and being in the middle of the ocean could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Fourteen days away from everything and hopefully away from Mayfair’s eyes. Of course it doesn’t take long before they become aware of someone following them but so far they are safe on a ship.

Monica II has been in love with Christian for a long time and the only thing standing in her way is March. She has no doubt that once March is gone Christian will seek comfort in her arms and she will finally have him all to herself. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long before Daniel, Christian and March see signs that there is something seriously wrong with Monica II and it is showing in signs of criminal behavior, namely murder.

The journey on the cruise ship is filled with suspense and danger and if it is discovered that an android is responsible it would prove to everyone that androids are dangerous and deadly and should all be destroyed. Of course like with humans there are good and bad but since this is a new life force it would be hard to convince people of that. 

The true nature of Mayfair’s development of androids proves how evil a human can be and our team is running from what would be their deaths. I highly recommend reading the first book in the series and if you are a fan of sci-fi and AI’s then look no further you have found it all in this series.