Light of the Spirit Book Cover Light of the Spirit
The Muse Chronicles Book 4
Lisa Kessler
Lisa's Lair
September 18, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Another amazing addition to an amazing series and one which I highly recommend reading from book one. Sex, violence, suspense and romance this series has it all.

Lia Youlos is the Muse of Comedy and after the theater the Muses are refurbishing was burned to the ground it was Cooper Hanover who was there to help. Cooper is a paramedic and the night the theater burned down was a night he would never forget because it changed his life forever.

Reed a firefighter and a Guardian was dead and no matter what Cooper did he could not revive him until Lia begged him to try one more time. This time a light shot out of him and entered Reed bringing him back to life and leaving Cooper unconscious after having a seizure. Cooper has no idea what happened but it is something he can’t get out of his mind, what happened and how did it happen.

When he saw Lia again her head was totally healed and he knew that no stitches were applied to her gash just another mystery. All the tests taken at the hospital showed no damage to Cooper but the damage was not visible it was psychological. Lia begins to wonder if Cooper is her Guardian and if he has the ability to heal. All the Guardians have a latent ability that comes alive when they find their Muse.

Thalia (Lia) was loved by Apollo who was a healer, does Cooper have that ability and is it possible that Apollo is using Cooper’s body as an instrument of healing. If that is the case then Apollo could wind up killing Cooper since the power is too much for his human body. In order to find the tattoo that all the Guardians have Lia invites Cooper to go swimming but it is when he asks for a haircut that the tattoo is revealed.

Now Cooper has to deal with the fact that he is a Guardian and has the ability to heal his Muse. Ted Belkin is the one responsible for burning down the theater and he is determined to kill off the Muses. Ted’s actions caused the new CEO of Belkin Oil, Mikolas Leandros to throw Ted out of the Order of the Titans and Ted will do whatever he has to to be reinstated and to get back control of his father’s company.  It is Lia that is his next target but Ted is not the force behind everything there is someone else and that someone else is immortal.

It is important to read the books in sequence to learn all about the Muses and their goal of inspiring mankind. There are so many surprises in this book and so many secrets revealed which just left me wanting more. It is imperative that more Guardians are found since there is now more danger than ever.