My Link in Time Book Cover My Link in Time
The Immortal Ones Book 2
S.L. Baum
Paranormal Romance
March 24, 2011

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair and Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I realize I gave high marks on Ms Baum’s first book  A Chance for Charity a few months ago. It was then I asked the author S. L. Baum to send me the sequel as soon as it was released. My 5 Star rating for the first in the series told me this YA Series was better than most and I see my feelings were not wrong. What a wonderful read for teens and readers of all ages!!!. I mentioned before that the storyline was intricate and compelling.  In reading many genres and books and doing reviews, I have read many YA books, but not all of the authors wrote to the intelligence of an adult reader yet kept it for a young adult as well. S.L. Baum, you certainly did accomplish that. Ms Baum had written a wonderful first book for her Immortals and has not disappointed in the second  story.

Charity, aka Emily, is an Immortal who relocated with an Immortal couple as her “family”. We learn that Charity, nee Emily, is reliving her high school years, again, to keep a low profile for the ‘family’. They are not vampires, they are Immortals who live long, have extra powers, and want to be left alone to live their lives. Charity meets Lincoln and their attraction is immediate. Emily allows Link to know who and what she is, both past and present. Link knew from the moment he saw Charity…his heart was taken. The twist for this novel was, Hello Mortal…and it is a HE !!!. Link has to prove himself to Emily’s immediate and not so immediate family, and that he will be there for her.

We had obstacles to overcome in book one and Ms Baum has begun the second story where the first left off. Charity and Lincoln planned to marry and have set the place to be in Las Vegas. Link now has special needs since the showdown in Book 1.  In order to save his life, Charity had to heal him with her blood and now we learn he needs blood to exist. He is not a vampire that we know as yet, but has stronger than human strength, a strong bond with Charity, and the need for blood intake which all delay the wedding plans. Charity’s human friends’ problems also seem to get in the way with Dee and Summer. Finally Charity, Link and “family” take off for Vegas for the Wedding.

This is where our author and her story telling shine. You can feel how this book is plotted out with so many more paths to go down, the intricate pace, the twists and turns. You realize this is what could actually happen given these circumstances. You feel the fear, the excitement and the hope that this could end well. All these players, witches, shifters, Immortals and Vampire all have a part to play. Will there be a wedding??? Will there be a Happily Ever After????

I wanted to get this review out on the site before Christmas. If you want to gift a wonderful addition in the Paranormal Book World of love, hope, and excitement to someone you love…Please use the gift of books to do so, and this would make a great start for a wonderful series. I am sure Ms Baum has a few more stories in this series up her sleeve????