Love and Punishment Book Cover Love and Punishment
Susan MacNicol
MM Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
August 29, 2014

On the search for a serial killer, Detective Anthony Parglietto and Flynn Parker learn that every man must make a choice: to kill, to live, to love.


Someone is leaving a trail of bodies throughout London, and Detective Anthony Parglietto is determined to end the violence. Then he’ll return to the man he loves.

Tough, street-savvy, and used to dealing with lowlifes, Flynn Parker is the last person Anthony thinks he has to protect. Then the Bow-Tie Killer strikes close to home and the world turns upside down. Right is wrong, black is white, and a policeman might become a monster. But in the name of love, justice must be served. In the name of love, pain can be endured. In the name of love, a man can taste the very essence that defines him.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz
Sr Reviewer & Review Chair for The Paranormal Romance Guild

I have been reading Susan MacNicol books for many years. I happened to be perusing her Amazon site noticing I missed one…..this one…written in 2014 and it has not missed any punch thru the years. It still resonates today. Serial killers never get old.

Our author doesn’t hold anything back in this story! It goes for the jugular immediately…Flynn Parker is a newspaper reporter and the lover of Detective Anthony Parglietto. Flynn is drugged and kidnapped and sexually invaded by the new serial killer in town.

Tough detective Anthony Parglietto is in charge of the case and is determined to find The –Bow- Tie- Killer and the person who hurt his lover. The Detective is no stranger to personal horror as his younger brother was killed in a labeled a gay hate crime and now this killer is reeking havoc in his town.

Ms. MacNicol now turns on the heat with everyone working to find a horrific killer and now Detective Parglietto has to deal with his own feelings on dealing with what he would do if he catches him. He has always shared his feelings about animals should be put down….what will he do now that he is a police officer?

I must admit, had to read this in one sitting….I could not put it down. Great story. I now can add the wonderful scenes of hotness between Flynn and Anthony…This author has not left anything out for the reader…. Ms. MacNicol wrote this 6 years ago and has even gotten better….Wonderful author….Wonderful story!!