Love Comes Around Book Cover Love Comes Around
Senses Series Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
September 19, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Andrew Grey’s books always tug at my heartstrings and elicit every kind of emotion. This time he outdid himself and brought me to tears. This is a story of two men whose pasts have left them convinced they would never know love. Connor O’Malley is a carpenter who makes custom furniture and Dan Harrington is a man with a very successful business. Each tries to cope with his past in his own way. Connor stays alone and buries himself in his work. Dan adopts children no one wants, filling his heart and giving him the love he feels he is never going to find with a man.

Connor works on some repairs at the Pleasanton Home for Children, a pleasant name for an orphanage. Despite the sweet sounding name, it is a home for children no one wants. One of those children is Jerry, an eight year old boy with terminal muscular dystrophy who will never grow old and never know the love of a family. The day Connor is working at the orphanage, he sees Dan returning Jerry from a two week visit to his home. Connor’s immediate reaction is disgust that a man would take a boy like Jerry and shows him what he could never hope to have.

Connor remembers Dan from high school when he had a mad crush on him. Even now he can’t get Dan out of his mind, but his anger toward him is strong. When Connor receives a call from Dan asking him to come to his home for an estimate on repairs, Connor’s first reaction is “No.” However, the friend who recommended Connor to Dan pushes him to go. When Connor arrives, he is shocked to discover all the repairs Dan wants are related to Jerry, whom Dan has decided to adopt. Dan already has a six year old daughter, Lila, who can only walk with crutches. His heart is big enough for another child who needs love.

We meet up again with Patrick, Ken, and their daughter, Hanna. If you remember, Patrick was an opera singer who is now mute, Ken is a well-known artist, and Hanna was the little girl struggling with leukemia. It was nice catching up with them. Over time, Connor and Dan begin to open their hearts, but fear of being hurt keeps them from opening them entirely. Can Dan and Connor find the love that they never believed they were worthy of? I don’t want to go into detail about Jerry and Lila and what happens to them. I could never find the right words. I leave that to the master, Mr. Grey, who tells everything in a way that leaves you wondering, “How does he do it?”

I long ago decided that the fact that this is an M/M book is insignificant. Mr. Grey elicits passion and emotions from the reader—that is what makes his books wonderful. There is sex, beautifully written as always. A note to Mr. Grey, I think you should leave your brain to science. Although there are many authors out there who write beautiful books, you have the ability to write one after another, each one different and powerful. Alright, I was kidding keep your brain right where it is, I still need more of your books.