Love Comes Home Book Cover Love Comes Home
Senses Series Book 3
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 6, 2014

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is another book in the Love series. This one reunites us with Howard Justinian and his partner, Gordy, whom we met in Love Comes in Darkness. as well as Ken and Patrick and Ken’s daughter, Hanna, whom we met in Love Comes Silently.

Now in, Love Comes Home, we meet Greg Hampton, his ten year old son, Davey, and Tom Spangler. Greg meets Tom, a man who will help him in unbelievable ways, at a picnic being held by Ken and Patrick. Greg’s son Davey has had problems with his sight for years; now Greg has learned Davey will become blind.  Of course Howard knows all about being blind since he was born that way, but Davey grew up seeing and losing that ability will be doubly hard.  He knows what flowers look like, what colors are and he will desperately miss playing little league baseball, something he loves.

Even though Greg and Davey know what is going to happen, it comes as a shock when he is over at his friend’s house and his sight just goes.  One minute he sees, and the next he is in the dark.  We are taken on the journey where Davey and his father both have to learn to adjust to a whole new life. That adjustment is helped with the addition of Tom in their lives.

Tom and Davey get along wonderfully, and although Greg has feelings for Tom, he is afraid to allow them to surface.  How can he expect a man to want him when he has a blind son he has to deal with every day?  How can he expect someone else to understand his need to put his son before everything else?  Tom is very wealthy and is used to being put first, so how could he possibly want Greg?

When Tom researches blindness on the internet he finds that there is a form of ball for the blind, it is called Beep Baseball and it uses sound.  The balls and bases make noise which allows the blind to hear rather than see.  Of course, it also requires sighted people as well to catch and pitch.  When Tom approaches Greg and Davey about it, Davey is overjoyed. Before long, Davey is not the only blind child playing.  This has opened a whole new world for him and given Greg hope that Tom will not be leaving any time soon.

As always Mr. Grey arouses our emotions, happiness, sadness, and in this book, hope. We are not dealing with the issue of being gay as in many of his books, but the issue of overcoming the horror of blindness and finding love. At times I could feel what Davey was going through and actually closed my eyes to get how he felt, the only difference was that I knew I could open my eyes and see, so feeling Davey’s anguish is not really possible. Andrew Grey once again touched my heart. I shouldn’t be surprised because he always does.

The books do not need to be read in order but you would be missing out on wonderful characters.