Love Conquers All Evil Book Cover Love Conquers All Evil
Soul Catcher Book 4
Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
April 19, 2016

Review by Mette Kiilerich

Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

After 5 months of being on the run from the VETOC, Drake and Jessie finally settle down in a small town in Alaska. Apparently, this small town is the home of more than one kind of supernatural, and they even include demons like Jessie. Within the first day of their arrival, they discover that there is a serial killer on the loose, and the killer is killing good souls and stealing them for hell. Another surprise for Jessie, is when she bumps into Gabe, the werewolf who had tried to kill her. It is here the struggle begins for Jessie’s own soul, her desperate love for Drake and trying to get rid of Gabe.

When the e-mail came to announce that a fourth book was given to me to review, I just about jumped out of my chair. I didn’t know another book was on the schedule, but I’m so happy that I was one to get to read it.

Drake and Jessie’s love story continues with renewed passion, and passion is in there in spades. Some might say that it was too much, but not me, because they really deserved it after all they had been through with Jeremy and their uncertainty about each other. The love is hot and the sex is steaming, yet artfully described.

Our kickass heroine has grown up quite a bit since we first met her, and even though she still has a tendency to run off on her own, she has become more conscientious and there are a lot of internal discussions within herself. She doesn’t shoot her mouth off at the same level as before, but still she has her moments of strange opinions. Luckily, bless her heart, she is still a trouble magnet and no matter where they go, trouble always seems to find her. Drake is so totally devoted to her, as he tries to keep her happy, satisfied and protected. It must not be easy for a man like Drake to protect someone like Jessie, but if people mess with Jessie they mess with him. He is an 800 year old vampire with old fashioned behaviors, and some might say that is not so attractive. I think, who would not love to have a man like him, a man who would do anything for you?

Strangely, Jeremy is absent in this one, and I think it is because Jessie’s decision to be with Drake is final. Although I loved his pursuit of her in the previous books, I really didn’t miss him. I wondered what had happened to him, but maybe that’s for the next book if there will be one.

Once again, Mary Abshire writes a book that caught me right away, and this one is really the book where Jessie and Drake’s relationship is defined. There are a few life altering decisions that Jessie has to make, but I am not telling any more. There is also a great gift at the end, but if you want to know more, you just have to read this 5 Star book.