Love Means... Family Book Cover Love Means... Family
Love Means… Book 7
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 22, 2011

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Arie and his family are having a rough time trying to get over the loss of his sister and her children. His parents begin to really pressure him about getting married and having children. He has already told them that he is gay and isn’t sure if he will have children, anyways. He decides to go visit his best friend, Robbie, back at the farm where he lives now with his partner, Joey. Arie can’t wait to get to the farm and do some manual labor while getting some space from his parents at the same time.

Officer Duane, or Officer Hunky as Arie calls him, is a pleasant surprise at the farm and they begin seeing each other after Duane is called out to the farm for a shooting. They think the shooting is an accident, but later it seems someone is actually after Arie, although he has no idea who or why. As Duane investigates who is after Arie and stays at the farm to protect him, he and Arie become very close.  Unfortunately, the attitudes of Arie’s family and Duane’s mom make it difficult for them to see a future together. When Arie gets his dream job in the symphony back home, it seems that it is an  impossible dream for them.

When Duane’s mother comes to visit and the investigation is coming to an end, they have to determine for themselves what is important in their lives and how they can make it work. With a little help from their friends at the farm, Arie’s parents also come visit and add to the situation.

Andrew Grey has hit the nail on the head again with a truly enchanting story that has you feeling like you are back on the farm with the characters and a part of their lives. The farm is this huge utopia of acceptance that is what everyone would like their own families to be like and strive for.

To date, I have found Andrew Grey’s books to be stellar from page one. He is the kind of writer that just draws you into the storyline and the characters until you feel their pains and their joys. I have become vested into the characters lives and really enjoy the interplay of all of these characters that are so different from each other, yet all care about each other like a true family.