Love Means... No Limits Book Cover Love Means... No Limits
Love Means - Book 9
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
January 20, 2013

Review by Lisa Lambson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guilds Review Team

Officer Duane thinks that Bart is worth taking a chance on. Bart wants to be called Spider and just left alone but as scary as going to stay at the farm with strangers with no drugs is, it is better than the alternative. Jail is not someplace Bart wants to spend any time in. As he settles in at the farm, he meets Tyrone who works there and there is an instant attraction but he has to begin his court ordered therapy sessions and Tyrone has his own issues at home with his brothers. His family is not exactly happy about where he is working and they have no idea that he is gay.

With the support of the people at the farm, Bart manages a dinner with Tyrone and they get closer. While they are getting to know one another, things at home are getting tense for Ty. He knows there is something wrong, but no one is sharing with him and it is making him nervous. He begins spending nights at the farm with Bart rather than going home and has no idea that the things going on with his brothers are very connected to Bart’s past and the two worlds are getting ready to collide.

When Bart disappears, leaving an uncharacteristic note, Tyrone is convinced that he has been kidnapped and is in trouble. Meanwhile, things are coming to a head at home and Tyrone moves into the farm after his family finds out he is gay. After Bart confronted his wealthy family while he was recuperating in the hospital, he made it clear he was going back to the farm and staying away from drugs. His father and Tyrone’s mother were not accepting of their son’s choices, but Bart’s mother at least, came to the farm to visit. Bart was welcomed back to the farm like another one of the family.

Andrew Grey has made me feel like the farm and the men there are some of my best friends. It is an honor to spend time with them and get a taste of what life could be like if there was no judging other people and just accepting each other as we are. Not that bad things don’t happen at the farm, they do. The way they handle those situations with grace and dignity is what makes it so compelling.

I would certainly recommend this book in the series, along with the rest of the series. Having read them all, I can only say wonderful things about the stories, the characters and the love shown in every one of them. The true meaning of love is clear in every one of these relationships, including the friendships with fellow workers and the employers. Grey makes us all want to be a better person and love more.