Love Never Dies Book Cover Love Never Dies
LGBT, Gay Romance
August 29, 2020

Brother and sister team Midnight and Aurora Pendragon have a successful airship business taking clients on trips to be photographed with their pet pterodactyl. The last thing they expect is to have one such trip hijacked by the dashing adventurer Voltaire Crevin and his right-hand man Trevilian Hawke.

While his sister and Voltaire repeatedly lock horns, Midnight finds himself increasingly drawn to Trevilian. Finally, Voltaire explains they are trying to prevent a weapon of mass destruction from falling into the hands of a ruthless, secret organization, the S.O.R.

With Midnight's help, they take the airship down into an extinct volcano to find that not only does Atlantis still exist, but the weapon is in the hands of the few remaining Atlanteans. But if Voltaire had believed the S.O.R. were ruthless, it's nothing compared to that of the Atlanteans who seek to return to the surface and rule the world using their ultimate weapon: The Leviathan.

Midnight's feelings for Trevilian deepen as they seek a way to stop the Atlanteans and escape from Atlantis. Danger comes in many ways and takes many forms, each more deadly than the last. Can Midnight and Trevilian survive long enough to know whether love never dies?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Aurora Pendragon and her brother Midnight run an airship company taking passengers to visit Midnight’s pet pterodactyl and having photographs taken with him and sitting in his nest. Today’s clients are an engaged couple and it is his engagement gift. Unfortunately as sweet as the girl is that is how sour the future groom is. Aurora is not happy with this overbearing, pompous man but it is just a short trip and she can grin and bear it.

Just before take off two men approach begging to be taken with them and to go to Italy. Voltaire Crevin and Tresilian Hawke are on a mission to save the world and Mr. Obnoxious is more than happy to let them take over the trip especially when Voltaire waves a huge amount of money at him. Midnight feels an instant attraction to Tresilian and has no problem extending their trip to be around him more.

A weapon capable of destroying the world is out there and Voltaire and Tresilian need to find it before it is in the wrong hands. This was the very weapon that destroyed Atlantis and when the full reason for their trip is revealed Aurora and Midnight are willing to do what they can to help even if it means flying into a volcano. Everything is going well until a huge octopus latches onto Midnight and is endangering the ship. Out of nowhere a woman appears and takes them to safety and Midnight now having been poisoned by the tentacles rushed to a doctor.

Survivors of Atlantis are now living below the sea rather than on land and their friendly demeanor soon proves to be a facade. Like Ferdinand, Voltaire’s enemy and the one with the knowledge of the weapon the Atlanteans have a specific purpose for the weapon that resides with them. 

I don’t want to go into too much detail but this was quite an adventure, mermen a giant octopus and being kept a prisoner while having to figure out how to save the world while saving themselves.  The relationship between Midnight and Tresilian was beautifully written and not an instant let’s jump into bed. There was no lack of excitement and I read the book in one sitting.