When Love Survives Book Cover When Love Survives
Vampires in Manhattan Book 1
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Paranormal Romance
July 21, 2013

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Regina O’Malley is having a rough day. First she receives a letter from her parents in Alaska advising her that her suspicions about them are true. Her father is a leprechaun and her mother is an elf.  On top of that, she is running late for an interview as an intern for a very good brokerage house. As crazy as all of that seems, it will be nothing compared to what happens next.

As Reggie exits her cab and begins to run for the North Tower in the World Trade Center, she is grabbed off the street by a man who brings her into a coffee shop. His act saves her when all hell breaks loose and the World Trade Center begins to fall.  Her savior is Gregor Vasiliev who works in the North Tower and left to get coffee for everyone; that small act saved his life.   Gregor also knows that Reggie is his lifemate.  Reggie keeps hearing the voices of the dying; only when Gregor touches her is there silence.

Determined is use her gifts as an elf/leprechaun and with help from Gregor who is a bear shifter, they go to ground zero to help.  With her ability to hear the dying, she is able to save a lot of people and with his strength, Gregor is able to dig to them. Their love was formed during one of the worst times in New York history, a time of heartache and great pain, yet even when the worst happens there is always hope and in this case love.

A beautiful story about two wonderful supernaturals who don’t only find each other, but find a reason to give back.