Lupine Book Cover Lupine
Becoming Pack
Serena Dracis
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
July 22, 2019

Alisa Nelson's life is simply perfect—fight for the environment and party in Seattle's club scene. Until Geremy St. Audlin, her scrumptious new client rocks her world. Her goal: get the permits finalized for his new wolf preserve, then get him out of her life. Before his piercing amber gaze and searing touch lures her into breaking her cardinal rule—never mix business with pleasure!

Geremy is immediately captivated by Alisa's sultry sensuality. He wants the crusading, passionate woman not the frosty attorney. He pulls her into the beautiful but dangerous world of the lupine en-malat. While in the Other, beyond the Veil, his Pack confronts an ancient menace.

What should have been a simple case turns deadly, and Alisa is now in a fight for her life. Will Geremy be able to show her that love and tenderness can still prevail in the wild realms of the Other?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Alisa Nelson is a lawyer whose practice is environmental law, specializing in wildlife law and natural resources. She is determined to do whatever she can to protect the planet and fights for the little guy and usually wins. She is all business during the day and a party animal weekends and has quite a few friends with benefits at her disposal. When she sees a man at a bookstore that she calls Mr. Perfect, a man she compares to a super-hero she doesn’t hesitate to let him know she is interested but unfortunately their meeting goes nowhere until the day she meets a new client and it turns out to be Mr. Perfect himself.

Geremy St. Audlin is the vice-president of The Foundation who recently purchased a huge amount of land on the Olympic Peninsula and wants to protect the land as a private natural reserve and wildlife refuge and that is where Alisa comes in. The Foundation needs permits in order to move their wolf pack to the Wolf Sanctuary they are setting up and after some research it was decided that she was the perfect person for the job. Seeing him again pushes all of Alisa’s buttons but now as an employee of his she has no intention of acting on it.

Geremy is an en-malat and is part of a triad with two wolf-like creatures who he can change places with across the Veil. The Veil divides the Earthplane and astral realms and the en-malat are one of the few that can go and come at will penetrating the normally impenetrable realms.

Geremy is totally entranced by Alisa but she is a human and even though his en-malat brothers insist she is his mate there are numerous problems to make their mating a reality, but first the sanctuary has to be completed.

There is an enemy working against Geremy and doing everything possible to put an end to the sanctuary, he is part of the pack and is determined to get Alisa to give up her job by frightening her away, threatening e-mails, the use of magic and demons and Alisa stays put, partly because being away from Geremy even though there is nothing sexual going on and giving up and running from a fight is just not in her nature.

A great deal of the book was focused on Alisa and Geremy’s desire for each and yet nothing happened. I also found myself confused at times since this was quite different from any shifter book I have ever read. I also was disappointed in the ending which just left me wondering what was going to happen next. Saying all that I did enjoy the book and the characters and there was suspense, betrayal, secrets and lies.