Mad Lizard Mambo Book Cover Mad Lizard Mambo
The Kai Gracen Series
Rhys Ford
MM Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Dreamspinner Press
September 13, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in this newest series Rhys Ford has brought to us. We met Kai in the first book named Black Dog Blues. To refresh, Kai Gracen’s world is set in California, after ‘The Merge’. It is a land with humans. fey, elves, Dragons that have mating sex in the sky, are all struggling to survive. Along with Kai, we meet his friends, learn about his life now.

Kai was won in a poker game by Stalker Dempsey, a child so stunted, he could not even speak. He communicated with sounds and grunts. Dempsey had his hands full training Kai to become a Stalker. Oy vey a stalkers life is not easy. Danger around every corner.

We enter this new world of Ms Ford’s fantasy as Kai  once again is needed by Ryder, the High Lord of the go on another expedition. Last one was he convincing Kai to accompany him to L.A. to pick up a pregnant human and bring her back to San Diego. Needless to say that was not a walk in the park.

Now Kai is named Official Liaison between the Sidhe Court and the Humans and Ryder’s request they go chasing down a rumor of a lost sidhe court in the Nevada dessert  This place can hold secrets they must look into. Others have gotten the same information. Are we are headed into an ambush? Get ready for an Adventure!!

Again this fast paced rush to ‘get there’ is addressed where we are pitted against rough terrain, machines of strange looks and origins, lies and deceit of where their ‘crew’ lies,  and the ever growing heat between Ryder and Kai. I liken these scenes of roads and places that exist only in the mind of the paranormal, pitted with high speed car chases with equipment made from only the mind of this talented author. But it works, and I am ducking, and breathing hard as I am coming out of a hairpin turn along with Kai and Ryder. I am being shot at by enemies we need to find.  I am there, I am in it…. It is a great adventure.

This UF series might not be liked by some of Ms Fords readers, as truly UF  in nature there are no smexy times we expect from Rhys, but the hint and flicker with he and Ryder is always there…A true fun read!