Magic in Her Eyes Book Cover Magic in Her Eyes
The Gifted Book 1
Donna Dalton
Historic Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
June 23, 2017

Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, she has nine secrets – her own and those of the eight orphans at Seaton House, a home for children. Each of them has a special talent that if exposed would get them labeled as witches. It is her responsibility to protect the children and their secrets and keep them safe from persecution. Marauding Indians force them into a nearby fort where their safety is threatened by fanatical townspeople and a captivating army officer who try to unmask the children's extraordinary abilities.

Lieutenant Preston Booth has one goal – to serve and protect his country. The military is the only life he has ever known. It’s the only life he wants. When a child is abducted and Preston goes after the culprit, Meredith has a vision of what will happen to him.

Does she risk everything by exposing her gift? Or keep her secret and risk losing him forever?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book takes place in 1872 in the Indian Territories where life was anything but easy. Meredith Talbot ran an orphanage for eight gifted children, children who could talk to animals, move things, hear other people’s thoughts and then there was Meredith who had visions of what would happen in the near future.

Indian attacks by renegades have caused the army to send Lieutenant Preston Booth to bring Meredith and the children to Fort Dent for protection and although hesitant to uproot the children Meredith knows that she has to protect them from danger. The first meeting between Preston and Meredith was not great, both not thinking to kindly about the other even though they both had to admit to themselves that there was a physical attraction.

Preston is a graduate from West Point and the army is the life he wants, he does not want to be tied down to a wife and definitely not to children who he was taught should be seen but not heard.  Meredith is quite aware of what is important to Preston but in addition to his dedication to the army she cannot reveal her gift or that of the children. As their attraction gets stronger the reasons remain the same for why they will not pursue a relationship, but we all know that sooner or later the heart wants what the heart wants.

The renegades are burning down homes and that includes the orphanage leaving Meredith and the children without a home. Insisting that she and the children remain together at the fort she is given the jailhouse to live in. Meredith’s aunt is travelling and trying to raise funds for the orphanage and Meredith is left doing her best.

I absolutely loved this book especially the children who in spite of having to hide their gifts every once in a while let them out. Meredith and Preston are wonderful characters as well and we watch as Meredith has to make a decision that could cause trouble for her and all the children, a decision she is reluctant to make but knows she has no choice. Of course there are characters in this book that I absolutely hated, I know hate is a strong word but well they deserved to be hated. Women who pretended to be godly while being anything but. Then there is Finley the Indian Agent, well he was one that I would have loved to see taught a lesson by the Indians themselves lol.

Now that I finished this review I can go and begin book two, can’t wait.