Magic in Her Touch Book Cover Magic in Her Touch
The Gifted Book 2
Donna Dalton
Historical Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
November 14, 2018

Herbalist Moira Devlin is a woman imprisoned by the gift she must hide and the past she must elude. She is asked to care for the people of Mineral when the town physician unexpectedly passes. To please her mentor, she agrees and only uses her healing power when necessary and covertly, just as she was taught. All is well until a new doctor arrives and threatens her newfound freedom.

Doctor Anson Locke has traveled to the Indian Territories to escape the memories of the family he couldn't save. He doesn't count on a distraction as lovely as Moira Devlin, a peddler of snake oils, just like the one who poisoned his wife.

Can Moira and Anson overcome their pasts and find love?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The Indian Territories, 1877 only in book two Indians are not the problem. Mineral is a mining community that is growing and with the death of the town doctor Moira Devlin is asked by Mildred Campbell who runs Seaton House, the orphanage for the gifted to step in and help. It has been five years since Moira was saved by Meredith and Preston Booth and now she wants nothing more than to be trusted by the townspeople and to be able to administer to the sick.

There are some in town who have been helped by Moira’s potions and trust her but that trust is slow in coming from the others. The arrival of Dr. Anson Locke leaves Moira’s chances of staying and helping a long shot. Anson distrusts potions and believes that those who use them are nothing but snake oil peddlers. Begging for a chance Anson gives her one month to prove her worth without using anything but her own knowledge. What he doesn’t know is that there is much more to Moira than just the potions she makes, she can heal herself and others by touch. If Anson knew that she would certainly be shown the door.

When men begin to show signs of illness, an illness that both Moira and Anson believe is caused by arsenic poisoning his first thought is it was caused by her, but she hasn’t used any potions lately and could they be potions she gave out before Anson stopped her. Crushed at the very thought that anything she did could be the cause of harm to anyone she and Anson begin to test the water. When the water all proves to be negative for arsenic they search elsewhere and find what they are looking for. Was Moira to blame? Sorry I am not at liberty to say.

Feelings between Moira and Anson grow and just like in book one with Meredith and Preston her secret could cost her a chance at love and happiness. We know Meredith and Preston’s story and the outcome but will it be the same with Moira and Anson. The only reason that this book did not get five stars like book one was because at this point the story felt a little predictable even though Moira faced a whole different set of challenges, ie, hatred and someone from her past looking for revenge, but the love story was basically the same.