Magic Mansion Book Cover Magic Mansion
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal Romance
JCP Books, LLC
April 9, 2012

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I AM A JORDAN PRICE FAN….I Love the Psy-Cop Series…So I must mention while you are waiting for another wonderful entry of that series to read, let me tell you about a book she has written that I hadn’t yet read that I saw on Amazon and Oh My !

We all have watched the TV shows like Big Brother. A group of people from varying backgrounds all put together into one house and weeded out by rules some made up from the beginning…some made up along the way??? Well Ms Price has taken that and run with it, with a cute paranormal twist.

Jordan has written this killer story of  a group of 12 Magicians brought to a place called Magic Mansion. Their gift is money, a tour in places for their shows and various other gifts along the way.

The choices that the producers picked were varied in what their main forte is, tricks of slight of hand, ventriloquist etc. The author juggles twelve characters, all so fleshed out that when one has to leave you groan and feel sad. You are reading this from the magician’s viewpoint, but also see the producers agenda to make the final four. It is great to see the behind the scenes.

To make it even better, you meet Professor John and Ricardo. The two  met  briefly at the tryouts and their spark gets hotter as they vie for the golden ring and each other, and we the voyeurs learn there is ‘true magic’ to be had.

This is truly a good a great interlude to enjoy!