Magnar Book Cover Magnar
The Wolves of Clan Sutherland Book 1
Mary Morgan
Historical Fantasy Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
August 26, 2020

Known as the Barbarian, Magnar MacAlpin is a fierce ruler for those under his command. As leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland, his loyalty and obedience lies with Scotland. However, the king's last demand is not something Magnar will tolerate.

After Elspeth Gunn's brother the Chieftain of Castle Steinn is murdered, she flees with her nephew, and finds safety amongst a band of men who are rumored to be part wolf. When the king forces her to wed a heathen Northman, she fears losing her heart and soul not only to the man, but the beast as well.

In order to restore peace to a shattered clan, Magnar and Elspeth travel a treacherous path that challenges their beliefs. When evil seeks to destroy ancient traditions, will Magnar be compelled to restrain his wolf or allow him free to protect those he loves?



Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

The minute I received this book to review I put everything else aside and readied myself for an exciting historical romantic adventure just like all the previous series by Ms. Morgan I have read. I sat glued from page one till the end enjoying every minute of Magnar and Elspeth’s story.


Magna is part wolf and part man and is the leader of the Wolves of Clan Sutherland, guardians that protect the king. He is called back to his home by the seer, Ragna who informs him of his mother’s death and gives him a letter she left for him. A year ago Magnar and his mother parted with harsh words spoken and he did nothing during that time to repair the damage to their relationship. The letter explains what drew them apart, Magnar has a twin, a twin that was sent away to be raised by another family. Only one can be born within a family or it would lead to fighting for the right to be leader and so as the first born Magnar was raised with his parents. Now he must find his brother Thorfinn and make amends.


Elspeth has just witnessed the death of her brother Thomas the chieftain of Castle Steinn by men her brother invited into his home. Grabbing her seven year old nephew the new chieftan she ran hoping to save them from the Northmen destroying their home. Only by pure luck did Elspeth and Erik run into some of the King’s guards who safely guarded them back to Lord Sutherland’s castle where the king was.  


Halvard Boardsen, the leader of the Northmen who killed Elspeth’s brother has sent a demand for her return since Thomas promised him her hand in marriage. The only way to put an end to his demand and make a safe return to Castle Steinn is for Elspeth to marry Magnar, a proposal by the King that was not happily received. Elspeth agrees on the promise that their marriage would be in name only and married Halvard would have no further claim on her.


There were so many differences in Magnar and Elspeth, she believes in the one true god and he believes in the gods and goddesses of old. She is stubborn and willful but the only thing that matters was the safety of her nephew and their return to their home. I will not go into the relationship between Magnar and Elspeth but will say that it was beautiful to watch as they tried to embrace being married and their differences.


So much happens in this story and I am sure there is much more ahead. There were wonderful characters in the story, one of which I particularly enjoyed was Magnar’s friend Rorik MacNeil whose story I hope will be next. A womanizer, a drinker but a loyal, caring man who also is half wolf.


The historical period was one I couldn’t get enough of, the wars, the desire for power and a period I happily can say I would never want to live in but totally enjoyed visiting. So now I have no idea when the next book will be out but I look forward to it and can’t recommend this series and all the previous series highly enough.