Mail Order Mayhem Book Cover Mail Order Mayhem
Brides of Seattle Book 2
Cynthia Woolf
Western Historical Romance
Firehouse Publishing, LLC
March 8, 2018

Drew Talbot made the long journey back East to bring eligible brides to Seattle, not to find one for himself. But despite his best intentions, he is captivated by the shy and somewhat clumsy Lucy Davison. He didn't mean to fall in love, and he certainly had no intention of allowing a dangerous killer to tear her from his arms. But when Lucy is the only witness to a brutal murder, the killer knows that eliminating Drew's bride is his one chance at freedom.

Lucy Davison left Massachusetts to find a better life and a chance at love. The Civil War took too many men, leaving women like her pining for a husband and home of her own. A trip to Washington Territory as a mail-order bride seems the only answer. The friends she makes along the way a balm to her soul, and their escort, the handsome Drew Talbot, intensely more interesting than any man she's ever met. Becoming his fiancée is a dream come true, until evil finds them.

Witnessing a murder is the least of Lucy's problems. Escaping a crazed killer feels like a miracle. But the true miracle in her life is one man, Drew Talbot, and the depths of love it will take to heal them both.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It is 1864 and Lucy Davison and her best friend Rachel Sawyer know that finding husbands is going to be difficult since most of the eligible men are fighting in the Civil War. When Rachel sees an advertisement for mail-order brides she has no trouble convincing Lucy to accompany her.

From the moment Lucy and Drew Talbot set eyes on each other there was no doubt that they would wind up together but unfortunately as their relationship was taking off trouble reared it’s head. In the first book Lucy witness a killing and was kidnapped by the killer, now we have the continuing story.

Lucy has been kidnapped and knows that her reputation is shot because most people would not believe that she was held prisoner and not have been raped and in spite of how many times Drew tells her he wants her, loves her and believes everything she says she refuses to allow his reputation to be hurt because of her. Fortunately for her Drew is not a man to give up something he wants and he is going to make Lucy his.

It doesn’t take long before Drew convinces her that marrying him and living in the Talbot home is the safest bet for her and she agrees especially after she learns that her kidnapper has escaped from prison.

Lucy wants to be a real wife but she can’t get the sight of her kidnapper out of her mind and Drew is willing to give her time. Until the killer is caught Lucy’s life is in danger. Can she get her kidnapper out of her mind and concentrate on the man she loves and who would never hurt her? The good thing is that now that she is married to Drew she is living with her best friend and the sister of her heart Rachel and hopefully with her help Lucy can get over what has been done to her.

I love Cynthia Woolf’s books and as of now have not given any of them less then five stars but this book was just too much like a rehashing of book one. The characters were wonderful and especially Lucy who everytime in the presence of Drew manages to fall flat on her face only to be caught by the man she loves. Drew is wonderful and patient and a man any woman would want to call her own. Saying all that I would never turn down reading one of Ms. Woolf’s books but this one was just fell a little short for me.