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Brides of Seattle Book 3
Cynthia Woolf
Historical Western Romance
Firehouse Publishing, LLC
May 8, 2018

She intrigues him.
Gabe Talbot has never met a woman like Josie.
She’s beautiful but dresses like a man.
She’s elegant but cusses like a sailor.
And even though he watched his brother nearly die from heartache when he lost his wife, Gabe is breaking every rule he’s ever had about women.
He’s falling in love.
But Josie has other ideas. She’s never known a man who didn’t abandon his family, her own father included.
She’s independent. Capable. She doesn’t need to depend on anyone. And she doesn’t want a man who’s going to give her another broken heart.
When four lonely orphans enter the picture, Josie might finally accept his marriage proposal, but it’s her mixed-up, rebellious heart he’s determined to claim.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Josie Long and her mother Wilma are about to be brought back to Seattle by the Talbots to live in one of the homes built for the brides when they married. If you read book two than you know all about Josie and her mom and what they went through. It was Lucy who was involved with Josie’s brother Harvey and she like Josie and her mom suffered at his hands but Lucy was determined to make their lives better and so they were being moved for a better life.

Josie is not a girly girl because thanks to her brother she became the man of the house, hunting and fishing and doing everything necessary to support her mother and herself. She dresses like a man and cusses like one but when Gabe Talbot arrived to help with the move he saw a woman like none other that he had ever known and for the first time wanted to court and marry. Josie also was taken with Gabe but she had been hurt by men in the past and was not going to change who she was for anyone, but her heart had other ideas.

Gabe is determined to get Josie to marry him even though he determined long ago never to fall in love again. He knew that he had a difficult job ahead of him getting Josie to agree to marry him but everything changed when they discovered four young children living in squallor, filthy and starving. Their father left months earlier to go hunting never to return. The children ranged in age from thirteen months to fourteen years old and Josie and Gabe would not even consider leaving them where they were. It was because of these children and a desire to adopt them that made Josie’s decision to marry Gabe easy. In fact a day after they brought them home they were wed.

Josie knows she loves Gabe but she also knows that he doesn’t feel the same. She wants their marriage to be in name only but lying next to him every night and loving him changes that pretty quickly. Now married determined to remain the way she always was and now having four children to care for her life has definitely changed. Unfortunately things are about to take a change for the worse both in their marriage and with the children. What happens is not my story to tell.

As with all the books in this series I loved this one just like all the others. Josie is a very unique woman for the 1800s feeling no need to be anything but what she is a woman who cusses and hunts, who has no idea of how to clean or cook since she had her mom to do that while she did the man’s job but now everything is about to change. Gabe a man who wants Josie like he has never wanted anyone before but refuses to allow himself to love her but still is a wonderful husband and new father to the four children.