Manny's Heart Book Cover Manny's Heart
Family of Misfits
K-Lee Klein
MM Paranormal Romance
MLR Press
July 12, 2015

Review By Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I don’t know if this is the end of the series or K-Lee plans a story for Kristof, but Manny’s story was enjoyable, part expected, part surprise and very enjoyable.

Manny is the baby of the Misfits, and Ali feels truly like his Mama Bear. Manny came to live with them at a very young age, thrown out by his family for not only being gay but constantly told what a misfit he was. Shy, loving and very susceptible to peer pressure he dreamed of his “Prince Charming” His Spirit Mate making him whole.

The family is in Europe, living in Kalo’s home.  Kristof has stayed behind in Canada choosing to work there. This story is a tough one, focusing on  Manny and his Fated mate. This is where you see not even Fate gets things right all the time.

Ms Klein writes a strong story of when a relationship turns abusive, when the one abused doesn’t have the strength to walk away. Manny is the perfect storm who can continue to blame himself for the abuse he is receiving.

Mika, who is Kalo’s twin was told as a twin he has no mate mark; since only one twin is granted a mark. He accepted that he would not have a true mate. But when fate fails, and leaves Manny in jeopardy, Manny and Mika are given a second chance.

First let me say I loved this story. My only problem with Manny’s Heart  was it was a little too long. Although I love a 500 page story, I didn’t feel this story warranted it, and it was a little too repetitive. But our family was together, and I loved seeing them all.