Maraschino Marriage Pact Book Cover Maraschino Marriage Pact
One Scoop Or Two
Tamela Miles
Novelette, One-Hour Short Read, Paranormal, Witches/Warlocks, Multicultural, Interracial, Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
September 4, 2020

Mikayla DiAngelis has spent the past two years traveling the world and avoiding the demands of her overbearing warlock father. A confusing kiss from her former bodyguard is yet another reason for her to stay two steps ahead on the run.

Warlock bodyguard Austin Luca will stop at nothing to bring Mikayla home. His loyalty belongs to her family, but his heart belongs to her, even though he has ties that bind him to his own family responsibilities.

Their encounter was inevitable, and Mikayla is soon caught up in Austin's passion and the world she vowed to leave behind. Will surrendering to her former protector cost her the freedom she needs?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was an adorable novella about a witch and a warlock who find love over maraschino ice cream.

Mikayla DiAngelis left home two years ago after her warlock bodyguard Austin Luca kissed her. Austin has looked after Mikayla since she was a child but when she came of age she saw him as much more only he is committed to a marriage of convenience. Austin has searched for her and finally found her in a place they used to spend summers. His news is bad, her father has died and she needs to come back to Los Angeles to take his seat on the Witches’ Council.

Mikayla insists on having six months to decide especially after she and Austin imprinted their magic. He will return to break his engagement and she will have that time to decide if she wants to be in his life and join the Council. Unfortunately. an event brings her back just days later but I am not going to reveal why.

A short story well worth your time, I know it was worth mine.