Marcus's Vampire Book Cover Marcus's Vampire
Fangs & Halos Book 2
Charlayne Elizabeth Denney
Paranormal Romance
Heavenly Fangs Books
August 12, 2014

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

We pick up where book one ended. Lilly has left her crypt and Sullivan, and the Enforcer Angels are ready to bring Sullivan to Hell. However, they are stopped and Marcus finally found out that Lilly is alive and in New Orleans.

With the help of Arianne, Lilly heads to Houston where she is told he is and at the same time Marcus is on his way to New Orleans.  Lilly finds herself in the Astrodome inquiring about Marcus when she is met by a woman who happens to be his assistant.  After one hundred years, Marcus and Lilly are finally reunited, only things are not they way she thought they would be.  Marcus, the man she fantasized over for a hundred years is not the man she thought; he is definitely not a knight in shining armor.

Marcus runs Lancaster Industries and lives with his assistant and lover Jesse, who is a ghoul.  While on her way to Houston, Lilly was visited by the Enforcer Angels. They were about to mark her for turning, not just an angel but a cat.  Having lived by herself with only her cat, Baron, and the skull she referred to as Marcus, she had no way of knowing what the rules where governing vampires.  A vampire could only turn one person every hundred years, and only with their permission. She had turned two without their knowledge.  The Angels also believe Lilly who stole Sullivan’s ring and took his wings, which of course, is the farthest thing from the truth.

Marcus has seen to it that Lilly has everything she could ever want, clothes, jewels and a beautiful place to live. However, she wants none of it.  She does not want to feel like a kept woman. Lilly wants to work and make her own money, something Marcus is unwilling to let her do.  Of course, the fact that Lilly lived in a crypt and is totally unaware of what is happening in the twenty-first century is not helping her any.  She is amazed woman wear clothing she considers should be worn by prostitutes and when she is taken to a mall she is in shock at the size of the place and even more shocked by the fact that there is a store with women’s undergarments hanging out for all to see.

Sullivan, in the meantime, is at a monastery to get redemption, but he can’t get Lilly out of his mind.  His guilt over raping her and beating her is tormenting him, especially the fact that she refused to forgive him.  He loves Lilly, and he has lost everything.  When his best friend, Enforcer Essex comes to visit him, he finds out Essex is going to work for Marcus and is doing something very secret for Mikhail, the head Archangel.  Sullivan worries that his friend might be going into danger, but Essex has no choice.

I don’t want to go into too much detail because this is a series that should be read.  Although it ends in a cliffhanger something I personally HATE, with this series it doesn’t matter because as much as I HATE cliffhangers, that is how much I LOVE this series.  The characters are amazing. Lilly prays on her rosaries daily, goes to church, and has a heart of gold. She is someone you can’t help but love.  Baron, the cat, is able to speak to Lilly telepathically is absolutely a gem, and he brings humor when it is needed.  Sullivan, in spite of what he has done in the past, is still a man with feelings, and Marcus is everything you would hate in a man or vampire.

The only problem I have is that I have no idea when the next book is coming out. Soon, I hope.