Michael's Passion Book Cover Michael's Passion
A Series of Angels Book 1
Joel Crofoot
September 7, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jahi has just gotten out of Hell, but she is still not free. Agares is the Duke of Demons and is her new boss. She must gather as many souls as possible and her weapon is her body. She is known as the Demon Whore. Agares uses her like every other man has done through her entire existence, sex, torture, or just a beating is what he uses to subjugate her.

Michael is an Archangel, who although is not a Fallen, has fallen from Grace. He has not visited God (Father) or spoken to him, but he continues to kill demons on his own. His last battle with a demon went terribly wrong when the demon’s blood dripped into his wound poisoning him. He immediately called his brother, Gabriel. Gabriel could see his brother was dying. He begged Michael to go to Father for help, but it was something Michael was unwilling to do. Michael has felt empty inside for a long time and dying doesn’t seem like the worst thing that could happen to him.

Against Michael’s wishes, Gabriel goes to God and asks for his help. The outcome of his visit ended with Michael healed. Now he and Gabriel are banned from Heaven until such time as they perform a miracle. Michael continued to search for demons and Gabriel was sent three new angels to prepare for battle. A battle between good and evil is coming. Michael’s search for a demon leads him to Jahi and for some reason, he can’t kill her but instead takes her to his home.

Jahi waited for the inevitable, a demand for sex but it never came. Michael notices something different about Jahi. Her eyes would turn blue at times, especially when she was not scared and she shed tears, real tears something unheard of in demons. He is taken with her and she, for the first time in forever, is getting attention from a man with no demands on her body.

Of course without going into too much detail, or revealing too much I can reveal that evil does once again appear and things become dangerous especially for Jahi who Agares is determined to find. Jahi has something he wants very badly and will stop at nothing to get it. This book has violence, explicit sex, and a wonderful story of good vs. evil.

I am generally not a huge fan of books on angels but this one definitely changed my mind about the genre. I look forward to more in this series.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**