Midlife Blues: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel Book Cover Midlife Blues: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
Not Too Late Book 2
Victoria Danann
Paranormal Humorous Women's Fantasy Fiction
7th House, Imprint of Andromeda LLC
October 30, 2020

Rita Hayworth is not just the only American in town. She's also the only human!

For all the everyday heroines over forty who know it's NOT TOO LATE for magic!

Unique in setting, tone and content. Danann's writing is witty without over-doing the snark factor, warm without being cloying, and completely believable even though we're talking elves, pixies and other paranormal critters. - L.N. Potts

Begins with the formerly reclusive, gentleman vampire hosting a murder mystery dinner you'll never forget, and ends with the case of the captured kelpie. From Hallow Hill to northern Ireland, don't miss your favorite judge's magical adventures.

From the five time winner of Best Paranormal Romance Series (Knights of Black Swan), a humorous new, second chance series by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann.

Perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Darynda Jones, Shannon Mayer and Fab 13.
Witches, fae, vampires, and a host of paranormal characters, some familiar, some not.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in this series, a series that follows the life of Rita Hayworth from the time she first enters the world of magic, the various species she meets and how she becomes the Magistrate presiding over disputes between parties from the magical world. We see how she adjusts to this new life and how she once again finds love. What I am saying here is that to truly be a part of her life from beginning to end then this series must be read in order.


If you have read book one then you know when it ended everyone was excited about John David’s murder mystery dinner. John is the vampire Rita was able to help become part of the community and he is fitting right in. This dinner turned out to be more than expected for Rita and it was a moment she will not forget.


Now it is time for Hallowtide Court to meet and for Rita to preside over disputes. She has read journals and books from previous Magistrates but she soon realizes that her knowledge is sorely lacking. With help from Lochlan and her lover Keir she finds herself beginning to believe that The Powers That Be truly were right when they picked her. She shows the magical community and the injured parties that she is not someone to mess with. Her judgments leave many stunned including Lochlan and Keir but she does things her way.


Rita is protected in her role as Magistrate, those before her must obey her decisions and thankfully she is guaranteed safety because when all is said and done she would definitely be on more than one hit list. Rita should make her title “I am woman hear me roar” because she doesn’t back down even when her judgement is against a fae queen. She not only wants to settle disputes she is determined to make changes in the way the fae rule, no a gargoyle is not a pet, a kelpie is not to be imprisoned and she will ensure that those things change.


Rita is a strong woman who has prospered since her husband of twenty years announced he wanted someone younger. She is taking her role as Magistrate very seriously and she is just getting started but could one of her rulings possibly lead to her downfall, only time will tell and I for one can’t wait for more.


Ms. Danann this reader is anxiously waiting for the next book in the series so stop the presses lol and keep writing.