Midnight Desire Book Cover Midnight Desire
Ravens Hollow Coven, Book 1
Shari Nichols
Metaphysical/Psychic Fantasy. Romance,
City Owl Press
April 16, 2019

When danger and desire collide, a witch with a sordid past and a special agent with nothing to lose must form an unlikely alliance.

While trying to escape her past, kick-ass witch Willow McCray dispenses her own brand of justice swiftly and without mercy, until she crosses paths with sexy Magickal Bureau of Investigations Agent, Alex Denopoulos.

Now, she must use her powers for good if she wants to stay out of the mage prison, Hellios.

Alex will stop at nothing to catch a killer, including recruiting notorious felon, Willow McCray, to work for the agency. While under his guard, the lines between duty and passion become blurred with the red-haired beauty.

His penchant for justice and deep-seated hatred of witches makes a future together seem impossible.

But he’s not ready to let her go. Now he’ll risk more than his badge to keep her alive.

If only Willow can vanquish the evil surrounding them and give Alex what he wants—before she loses her heart and even her very soul in the process.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Willow McCray is a witch who had a rough childhood and when her mother dropped her off at the Raven’s Hollow Coven she thought things might finally be good but she was so wrong. Gossip and accusations by the head of the Coven and the other members forced her out at the age of sixteen. She left behind her best friend Maeve and with no income or a means for making one she joined the Shadow Cabal run by Tristan Saint Claire.

Willow was totally unaware of the crimes that the Shadow Cabal was involved in and she was used for her psychic abilities. She finally had enough and left putting a large target on her back. A search at a bar for Maeve who was going to deliver an amulet for protection for her and her determination to save her friend from the drugs that have been killing her meant letting her guard down, on the run from demons thanks to her ex-boss all she cares about is finding her friend.

At the bar she ran into a man who appeared to be just another drug dealer just as she was dressed to look like another whore but they were both wrong. Agent Alex Denopoulous is working undercover to get any information he can about Tristan Saint Claire and he was sure that Willow was just the girl to give it to him, unfortunately what she gave him was a scar on his head and pain in a lot of very sensitive areas.

Arrested and threatened with imprisonment in Hellios for past crimes not to mention her attack on an agent of the Magickal Bureau of Investigations she was given a choice work with the MBI to take down the Shadow Cabal, not a choice that was very popular with Alex since she would be his responsibility but if she chose to work with them her record would be expunged.

Willow is very unaware of what happened to Maeve but Alex soon informs her of Maeve’s death, a gruesome death leaving her body totally desecrated.  With one purpose in mind, finding Maeve’s killer, she works with Alex, a man who hates witches and doesn’t hesitate to make his dislike known. When another witch is found dead there is no doubt a serial killer is at large and it will mean returning to the coven that threw her out.  As a hereditary born witch she is clairvoyant and can read minds so Alex is sure she can get into the mind of the killer. He isn’t wrong, but he never expected her to get into his mind and heart especially since she is a witch.

I won’t go into any more about the story but I will say that there is no end to the suspense and secrets while I watched as Willow and Alex tried not to give in to their growing feelings for each other, of course there is sex but is there more. Both Willow and Alex have been hurt by things in their past but will they be able to put the past behind them and reach for the future, not something I will reveal.

I loved this book and can’t wait for more.