Midnight Temptation Book Cover Midnight Temptation
Ravens Hollow Coven Book 2
Shari Nichols
MF Paranormal Romance
City Owl Press
June 30, 2020

When tarot card reader Gillian Howe hosts a supernatural speed dating event, she’s hopeful to discover her chance at love.
Making the perfect match is her passion. Too bad she can’t find one for herself.
A chance encounter with a wealthy vampire soon finds her plunged into a secret society of trancing, blood bonds, and human escort rings. She’ll need help to survive, but the vampire detective is the last person she wants...even if he is scorching hot.
Garrett Mulroney has dealt with his share of the supernatural. His sire tried to force him into a life of debauchery, but he chose to uphold the law.
The fact that the one woman he can’t seem to get out of his lust-filled dreams is at the center of his investigation doesn’t bode well. It's a good thing she hates his guts, because it helps douse his growing desire for her and focus on the case.
But when Gillian’s cousin is kidnapped into the Du Sang Brotherhood, she becomes the prime witness.
Now they’re forced to put their differences aside and go undercover by pretending to be a couple. The more time they spend together, the more Garrett wants her in his life—and in his bed.
Will they be able to develop the love and trust needed to take down the Brotherhood or become its next victim?
If you like Hailey Edwards, Lisa Edmonds, BR Kingsolver, or Jennifer Blackstream, you’ll love this paranormal romance with mystery, magic, and suspense!

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Another visit to the Raven’s Hollow Coven and the witches we first met in Midnight Desire. This time we focus on Gillian Howe, a tarot card reader and Detective Garrett Mulroney who first met Gillian when investigating a case and he left a lasting impression on her but not a favorable one.

Gillian and her cousin Brooke are hosting a supernatural speed dating gathering to raise money for Gillian’s charity, Hope Club. Their corporate sponsor is a vampire named Kurt Lawrence who after everything is over invites Gillian and Brooke up to his penthouse. Brooke is excited because she is hopeful that they will meet people and be able to make contacts but that is not what happened. Gillian was tranced by a vampire ready to make her his blood slave only she got to him first with a knife to the stomach. Brooke wasn’t so lucky because Kurt already bit her and made her his slave.

When the penthouse is swarmed with police Gillian is saved, Kurt and others arrested but Brooke missing. In book one we learned about Tristan Saint Claire, a demon kingpin and his Shadow Cabal. If you haven’t read book one then I won’t reveal anything important but there is a new kingpin in town called DuSang Brotherhood. Brooke’s life is in danger and like a heroin addict she is addicted to having Kurt drink from her and every day he is in control she loses more of who she is.

Gillian’s life is also in danger because of her escape and her determination to bring Kurt down by posting on her site so it will take Garrett to keep her safe and try to bring down this new ring that kidnaps and makes blood slaves. Although Gillian tries very hard to make herself believe she has nothing but hate for the detective she can’t help how attracted she is to him. Garrett has wanted Gillian since he first saw her and now they have to live together in his apartment so he can watch over her 24/7.

How easy it would be to reveal everything, all of Gillian’s secrets and all of Garrett’s secrets but I will fight the impulse. As a vampire Garrett knows he has nothing to offer Gillian but is there a way to reverse the curse, sorry not telling. I loved this book every bit as much as book one and can’t wait for book three. Amazing characters, romance, sex and suspense what more can a lover of paranormal romance hope for.