Moonlight, Monsters & Magic : A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection Book Cover Moonlight, Monsters & Magic : A Paranormal Romance Sexy Shorts Collection
Paranormal Romance
EOT Publications
October 13, 2018

What do you get when you put 13 wickedly talented authors together in one collection?


Find tales of shifters and witches, ghosts and mythical creatures, and even an angel or two in this supernatural anthology of paranormal romance stories, featuring award-winning paranormal romance author, Linda G. Hill.

Treat yourself to a phenomenal read! 

DIWATA by Zara M Baily 
With his life at stake, Comandante Julio Gomez arrives in the Philippines, hoping to reverse a century-old curse that a mountain nymph placed on his ancestor. Julio doesn’t expect to meet the woman from his troubled dreams. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

LOVE OUT OF THE ASHES by Tabetha Waite 
Tormented by a terrible tragedy that has broken her spirit, Laura Tipton feels she has nothing left. Then Markus arrives to awaken her spirit. In more ways than one. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

Everett’s spent his life mistrusting humans. The last thing this shifter needs is a week with his sister’s sweet-as-honey best-friend underfoot. As his desire surges, he resolves to push Honey away—for good. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

SWAN SONG by Everleigh Allen 
During Liah’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland, things begin to get weird. Even as she becomes more isolated, a magical world opens up to her. (m/f, heat level: medium)

HEART OF STONE by Emmaline Warden 
Can Annie accept that there is a world larger than her own guiding her existence? Will she take the leap of faith and believe in the magic that made Theo appear? (m/f, heat level: smoking)

True love is the cure for any curse. True love and tree nuts, that is! (m/f, heat level: inferno)

LEAVING LIMBO by Lucinda Cox 
Jaxx Carter, ghost hunter, doesn't believe in ghosts. Enter Burroughs Manor, and a tall, dark stranger who awaits him there, to give him a night he'll never forget. (m/m, heat level: inferno)

Jake has always known Ashley is his true mate. but when they finally get together, the big and bads show up. What will a doctor and her wolf shifter do? (m/f, heat level: smoking)

WHITE by Sera Taíno 
What happens when you meet your soulmate on the brink of death? Hovering on the precipice, does love stand a chance? (m/f, heat level: mild)

Olivia has looked for true love her whole life. She just didn’t know it was always there, right by her side … demanding to be fed. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

MISS CARLISLE by Emma Brady 
On a pitch-black night, a country doctor comes across a place of mystery and magic. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

SAVING FAITH by Allegra Johnson 
In a modern world where the Salem Witch Trials exist, Faith is a witch being hunted. Gabe is an investigator sworn to hunt her down. Perhaps their relationship was doomed from the start. (m/f, heat level: smoking)

PIXIE by Linda G. Hill 
An exiled pixie stumbles into the life of a lonely young widow. What could possibly go wrong? (m/f, heat level: smoking)


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book contains thirteen tales of shifters, witches and more by thirteen authors. The stories are short and sexy.

DIWATA: Zara M. Baily-3.5***’Stars

Comandante Julio Gomez is on his way to the Philippines to try to reverse a century old curse placed on one of his ancestors by a mountain nymph, a curse that has caused the death of each male born once they are promoted to the office of Comandante and since being promoted he knows that it is his turn to die or hopefully end the curse. When his guide Professor Manlapaz is replaced by his daughter Dian she reveals that since birth she was destined to free someone from a curse or cause his death. Both Dian and Julio have dreamed of each other and their connection is instant but is there a future for them.

LOVE OUT OF THE ASHES: Tabetha Waite – 3.5***’Stars

Marcus Henley is an English Literature Professor on his way to Washington State. Every year during summer break he finds a new way to spend his vacation only this time his trip will be something he could never have expected. Laura Tipton’s family owned the Tipton’s Chalet which burned to the ground killing her father and leaving her burned over 85% of her body. It happens that Tipton’s Chalet is the place that Marcus booked a room but when he arrives the only one there is Laura and she is whole. Laura is the mystery woman of his dreams and they spend the week he was there together. When Marcus finally leaves to return to his life he leaves behind Laura and when he is told by a waitress that the lodge is in rubble he returns to find only ash where the lodge he spent a week at was. This is not the end of Marcus and Laura’s story but that is all I will say.

HONEY AND HER GRUMPY BEAR: Taylor Morgan-4****Stars

Everett is a bear shifter who is visited once a year by his sister and her best friend Marigold (Mari). They visit his small mountain town and when they leave Mari’s scent is everywhere in his cabin and although it is torture for him he does nothing to get rid of it. For eight years Everett and Mari have danced around each other, each wanting the other but Everett has two rules he refuses to break, never date a friend and never date a human since they are unable to keep shifter secrets. He learned about humans when his uncle fell in love with one and when he revealed his secret she contacted the government and he disappeared, Everett is not willing to chance that happening to him. Unfortunately for him when he gets to his cabin he finds burning cookies and a sleeping Mari. It seems that his sister thought this was the week he would be away. Now opening a cafe in the town and spending a week with Everett, Mari is convinced this is the time she will wear him down. Whether Mari wins the contest of will he give in or if Everett wins and gets her to leave I will leave up to you to discover.

SWAN SONG: Everleigh Allen –  3***Stars

Liah has gone to Ireland but she isn’t sure it was a great idea. At a bar she is enticed by Fiachra a singer and the bartender Eoghan. After going for a walk in the woods she gets lost and finds herself learning about herself. Eoghan and Fiachra are both shifters and both are trying to get Liah but one is not what he seems. Will Liah make the right decision and pick the man who will complete her?

HEART OF STONE: Emmaline Warden – 4****Stars

Annie is a lady’s maid to a woman who is a monster but she pays well and she has a full belly and a roof over her head. One night at a ball Annie takes a walk in the garden seeing a statue,a statue that she imagines could be the man of her dreams but when she accidentally knocks over the statue her fate and her position are in jeopardy. The statue is in deed a man, Theoxenos cursed seven thousand years ago when he made a deal with the lord of the underworld to save Andreanna the woman he loved. Annie or as she was once known Andreanna, is the woman he loved and she is the one that he waited for to bring him back to human form but the lord of the underworld is still not through with him he is given one day to convince Annie that he is her soulmate and consummate their love. Will love free Theo or is he destined for Hell.

THE SECRETS OF HICKORY HOLLOW: Belle Langtree – 3***Stars

Meghan Alexandria’s younger sister Pruitt is convinced that the tree their grandfather used to sit under and read them stories is dying. The tree lovingly called Lady Enchantment has “Witches’ Broom Disease” and it was Sirius Lamborghini the tree whisperer that told Pruitt that. Sirius is a Prince and rules a coven of viruous witches unfortunately there is also a very evil coven of witches and Morton one of Sirius’ men managed to anger the leader of the coven so that she placed a curse on Sirius and all of the coven. The answer to reversing the curse is Lady Enchantment and the nuts she carries but Sirius will not touch the tree until he is given permission from Meg. Hopefully Meg and Lady Enchantment can undo Hesper the Horrible’s curse.  Prince Sirius and Meg are both drawn to each other but can the tree and a nut bring them a happily ever after.

LEAVING LIMBO: Lucinda Cox – 3.5***’Stars

Jaxxon Carter is a ghost hunter who doesn’t believe in them but since his viewers are growing bored with his constant announcement of no ghost here he has decided to travel to England and film at Burroughs Manor a place that is reputed to be haunted and whose owner died three hundred years ago. Jaxx is met by Douglas Burroughs wanting to know why he is in his home but agrees to allow Jaxx to stay the night and what a night it is. Douglas seduces Jaxx and it is the best sex he has ever had only he discovers something about Douglas that defies explanation.

THE DOCTOR AND THE WOLF: Chele MacCabe – 4****Stars

Jake Campbell knew from the age of five that Ashley Jerome was his true mate but life got in the way and she went to college and he stayed in their small mountain town.  Ashley finally returned as a doctor and set up her practice and Jake managed to have to see her at least once every two weeks. It was Ashley’s best friend and nurse Phoebe that finally took matters into her own hands getting tired of the two not admitting their feelings for each other. Unfortunately their first date turned dangerous when they were attacked by wolves and when she learned Jake’s true identity. Whether this is a happily ever after is not for me to tell.

WHITE:  Sera Taino – 4****Stars

Thiago Limeira is undergoing emergency heart surgery at the age of 28 but when he woke up in a white room he discovered that something went wrong with his surgery and he went into a coma. Thiago is now in the Waiting Room facing two doors, either the surgeons would save him and he would enter the white door or he would enter the blue door if they weren’t successful. While waiting he met another person in the same situation as him, Clare was in a car accident and near death she too waited to see which door she would take. When Thiago was told to enter the white door he left behind the woman who had become so much to him but he knew that their remembering what happened was not in the cards. Can love win out.

FORTUNE FAVORS THE FELINE: Elizabeth Langley – 4****Stars

Olivia Beresford has always dreamed of meeting her Prince Charming but after so many disappointments she is losing hope. On her birthday one of her friends brought her an old cloth given to her by a fortune teller. Olivia has to put the wishing cloth under her pillow and make her wishes known. With nothing to lose and her beloved cat Henry by her side she does what her friend advised. Awaking she is laying next to a gorgous naked man a man she never saw before. Ready to call 911 she listens to what the man has to say and what he had to say is for you to discover for yourself.

MISS CARLISLE: Emma Brady – 4****Stars

Dr. Brandon Lancaster has been sent to the manor house by Lady Winship’s grandson to check on her condition what he finds is a gorgous nurse Camille Carlisle who advises him that he is too late and that Lady Winship has taken her own life and is dead. Of course it doesn’t take long before Brandon and Ms. Carlisle are being intimate and when he wakes up in the morning it is to the sound of voices, one of which is Lord Winship. How to explain to the son what happened to his mother is all that Brandon can focus on in addition to finding where Camille disappeared to. If you love ghost stories than you will love this one.

SAVING FAITH: Allegra Johnson – 3.5***’Stars

Faith is a witch and is being hunted, her boyfriend Gabe is an investigator and has done all he can to protect her but her time is running out. Faith’s mom insists on making a protection potion but when Faith trustingly takes it she disappears. Ten years have gone by and Faith has no idea where she is but she begins to her a voice calling to her. Gabe has never given up on finding the woman he loves but will his voice be enough to bring her home. Is his love for her all that is needed to return her home.

PIXIE: Linda G. Hill – 4****Stars

Merryn is a pixie who has been subjected to his friend Gruffydd’s weird sense of humor. Gryffydd has the ability to send others to wherever he choses to send them and since he is angry at Merryn he does just that. Merryn wakes up naked and in a cave and his immediate need is to find people, clothes and food. He finds Ivy a widow working her farm on her own and trying to refuse the attention of her neighbor Dirk who wants her to marry him. Merryn reveals what he is to Ivy and in the time they spend together they learn to love but before he can find out where he is exactly so he can return Gruffydd once again zaps him back home.

Are Merryn and Ivy never to see each other again or will love once again overcome their obstacles.


This was a wonderful book for those who love paranormal romance, ghosts, magic, shifters, witches and more are all here in these pages.