Moonlight on the Shenandoah Book Cover Moonlight on the Shenandoah
Christine Poe
Romance, Fantasy
The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Fantasy Rose)
December 21, 2016

Genealogist Azure Clarke is alone in the world, except for her cat and her great Uncle Warren—who hires her to find a hidden letter that may hold old family secrets. The search takes her to the small town of Royal Oak, where she is distracted by a ghost who haunts her and an unwelcome attraction to the handsome attorney Benjamin Fisher. Benjamin isn’t over his wife’s death—he believes he is the reason she died. When he arrives in Royal Oak to check on his ailing grandmother, he’s drawn to her newfound friend Azure Clarke. When strange paranormal things begin to happen, he is determined that another woman will not die on his watch. Jesse Fisher is a ghost who needs to save his soul and resolve his murder. He wants the truth to come out about his death, and if helping Ben and Azure fall in love along the way—then all the better.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Azure Clarke is a Genealogist and other than her great-uncle Warren and her cat Whiskers she is alone. She has returned to the family home in Royal Oak a small Blue Ridge Mountain Community steeped in Civil War history. Her uncle has asked her to research the family history and she has also been hired to research the Grymes family whose roots go back to Royal Oak and who still have family residing there.

She has had help from Clara Fisher who runs the Historical Society Museum where she was able to find documentation from the Civil War era but her biggest discovery was a diary from Megan Catlett a family descendant. When Azure found Clara unconscious and went to visit her in the hospital she met Benjamin Fisher a man that would change her life. Her discovery led her to a tie between the Fisher family and the Catlett family and it all centered around Jesse Fisher Meg’s fiance.

Jesse has been in limbo between Heaven and Hell waiting for the time he would be able to revenge his brutal death, a death that tore him from the woman he loved and a death still a mystery to everyone. Jesse’s body was never discovered and the rumors were he either left or died at the hands of a Union soldier. Neither of those rumors were true and before he can find peace he needs Azure to uncover the truth of his death only then will he be able to join Meg.

Ben agrees to help Azure in her research and both of them make discoveries they never saw coming. Ben also lives with the secret of his wife’s death, a death caused by him. It has been five years since his wife’s death and he has never been able to put the guilt away and open up until he met Azure. There is an immediate connection between the two of them something he hasn’t felt for five long years.

Azure is able to see and speak with Jesse who is determined to bring Ben and her together and to help bring him the peace he has been waiting for. There are so many secrets, lies and betrayals and little by little Azure is able to find all the answers. When she reads Meg’s diary it is heartbreaking to hear the words of a young girl waiting for the man she loved and not knowing if he was dead or alive. Both the Fisher family and the Catlett family have secrets and Azure is able to discover the answers the Grymes family was seeking. These three families all impacted each others lives in the past and in the present.

I loved this book because it brought out emotions of sadness for a life ended too soon and all because of greed and jealousy.