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The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 1
Meriam Wilhelm
July 5, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Olivia Merriman has graduated from college and returned home to New Moon Beach where she is about to open her new store Mystique Creations. The store is a place where people can come to craft and sew and be magically creative or just sit and have a cup of tea.

Working with her is her best friend Gail Winkler who like Olivia and Olivia’s sisters is magically inclined. Olivia her sister Harmony the Mayor of New Moon Beach and Constance the owner of Supernatural Deli are all witches and Gail can see and hear the dead. Unlike her sisters Olivia is not very good at spells and her spells usually lead to trouble. Helping her is her medium Miss Cassandra a cat with a real attitude and who brings a smile to your face, well it did mine.

Everything is going well until Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan Maxwell shows up. Olivia and Jonathan dated for three years in college until she found out he cheated on her. He broke her heart and now there he is standing in her store. Jonathan wants her back and knows that he messed up, he loves Olivia and in spite of the fact that she still loves him can she forget what he did and trust him again?

Mystique Creations is doing very well until the news of a new hotel coming puts a wrench in everything. MaxDon Land Development Corporation has plans for a new hotel that would put Olivia’s store and possibly her sister Constance’s store in jeopardy. This news is devastating to Olivia but more devastating is the news that Jonathan’s father is the Max in MaxDon Land Development. Olivia had let her guard down and was seeing Jonathan again but once again he betrayed her. He knew his father’s plans and the fact that it could jeopardize Olivia’s shop and said nothing to her about it.

An idea for a spell comes to Olivia, one that she is sure will put a stop to the new hotel, but as usual her spell leaves a lot to be desired and causes nothing but chaos. Her relationship with Jonathan seems to be done, the hotel needs to be built for New Moon Beach to survive and Olivia is left wondering what can be done. Is there a new location where the hotel can be built without destroying her shop? Did Jonathan really betray her?

I loved this book and Olivia and Miss Cassandra were amazing characters. We all know that cats generally have attitudes, but Miss Cassandra makes those cats look warm and loving. She has the ability to speak with Olivia and speak she does and often. I can’t wait for book two in the series.