Murder Among Friends Book Cover Murder Among Friends
Linda Burson
Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Class Act Books
April 14, 2018

Emotionally and mentally, Camille Thurston has had it. She needs a much needed rest from her job and her life in Boston. She decides she’ll find it at her brother Zachary’s home in Connecticut. Little does she know that this is just the beginning of more emotional and mental exhaustion.
A woman is reported missing and Cammy’s brother Zach and his partner, Russ Nolan, are on the case. Cammy, who has worked for a private investigator for the last three years, decides she can’t sit by idly. She becomes involved not only with the case, but with the family of the missing woman.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Camille (Cammy) Thurston works for a private detective business as a private investigator, a job she has been at for three years. It was three years ago that her life was turned upside down, she was passed over for a promotion at work and the night she thought her boyfriend of three years was finally going to propose he broke up with her. It was at a bar drinking away her sorrows that she met Frank Dees the owner of the private investigation business who offered her a job.

Camille’s father and now her brother are and were police officers but Camille realized after graduating from the police academy that it was not for her but being a private eye was just what the doctor ordered after everything that happened to her. Now after three years of pushing herself she is emotionally and mentally ready for some time off. She heads to Connecticut to stay with her brother Zach his wife Leah and her niece and nephew who love her almost as much as she loves them.

While at Zach’s home she meets and falls in love with a little neighborhood boy Austin who can’t wait to spend time at the house playing with Cammy and the kids. Austin is dropped off each day by his father Grant Clemons in spite of the objection by Austin’s mother Paula. Paula and Grant have a very contentious marriage she is a sorry excuse for a mother and is always fighting with Grant. When Paula disappears Cammy offers to help with Austin and after a while she and Grant become close. He has finally found a woman that makes him happy but with Paula missing their relationship is at a stand still. Either they have to wait seven years still she is declared dead or if she is dead her body has to show up, those are the only two ways that Grant and Cammy can legally marry and be together.

Grant always knew he was miserable with Paula but he didn’t realize the extent of misery that she was leveling on their son. Neither he nor Austin are sad she isn’t around and their biggest worry is that she could return. The reason that Grant never divorced her and the reason he married her in the first place are not for me to reveal but for you to find out for yourself and both reasons are worth the read.

I don’t want to give anything away in this review but I will say that there were surprises that I didn’t even see coming and I doubt anyone else would. There are also a group of Paula’s so called friends each claiming to be her best friend who can’t stop themselves from interferring in Grant’s life, each woman with dreams of having Grant for themselves in spite of some of them being married. It is Grant’s next door neighbor and Paula’s friend that causes a lot of trouble but another thing I am unwilling to talk about. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.