Murder by Magic Book Cover Murder by Magic
The Witches Of New Moon Beach Book 6
Meriam Wilhelm
Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 5, 2017

The word outsider described Ola Mae Masters to a T. Orphaned at seven, raised by nuns, and tortured by an unexplainable ability to read minds and see the dead, Ola Mae wanted nothing more than to find a place she could call home. Determined to make a new life for herself, she lands in New Moon Beach and opens Literally Magic - her own bookstore. Things seem to be finally looking up for her.

But all is not as it seems. Fate has dropped Ola Mae, into a cauldron filled with unexpected shocks and surprises. Not the least of which is that she’s no longer an orphan, but part of a powerful family of witches who settled in her town. Opening their arms to their sister, they help her hone her witchy powers just in time. A dark evil has descended on New Moon Beach that threatens to engulf Ola Mae in a maze of murder, magic, and mayhem that she must now learn to control.

With the support of her new family, some emerging supernatural skills, and the guidance of a handsome witch - Ola Mae must navigate a maze of death and destruction to save New Moon Beach and the man she loves.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

It has been a very interesting year for Ola Mae Masters, she has moved to New Moon Beach, opened a bookstore and discovered that she is a witch and a member of the Merriman family. At the age of seven Ola Mae who prefers to be called Mae was orphaned when her mother died and she was sent to live in an orphanage run by nuns. This was more like a girls’ boarding school since only those with money and no family attended. Now Mae has a business and a large family including a father she never knew about.

Mae’s sisters are Olivia, Constance and Harmony who we met in the previous books and her father is Alistair Merriman who knew nothing about his youngest daughter until a nun visited him and revealed who she was. It was Mae’s mother who insisted that she be kept in the dark about her father and her ability for magic but now that cat is out of the bag. Although Alistair wants Mae to call him dad she is having trouble adjusting to her new family and her being a witch. So far her abilities as a witch are very pathetic but her sisters insist on helping her.

Mae loves living in New Moon Beach and taking walks along the beach every morning but the news of a murder near the beach has put everyone on edge. The little town has suddenly become a place where not only one murder but a total of three has happened. The first murder was Randall Parker, the second his wife and the third his son. The only one left alive in the family was the daughter Odelia.

Everything begins to become clear when the family gets together to discuss what is happening and they invite Patrick Johnsen to come. The murders and the evil that seems to be permeating the tranquil town all stem around the Wellington Crystal, a crystal that can heal but can become deadly in the wrong hands and apparently the last one in possession of it was Parker. Patrick reveals his history with Randall Parker and why he is in search of the crystal. His mission is to protect Odelia who he is sure is aware of where the crystal is and is just as sure that whoever is after it will stop at nothing to get it even if it means her death.

There is an immediate attraction between Patrick and Mae but can she trust him. Is he seeking the crystal for himself? Does he know more than he is letting on? Who is Patrick? Is he really only a man who teaches nutrition and yoga?

I have visited New Moon Beach six times now and loved every moment. Of course I did not come away with a nice tan but I did come away with a feeling of enjoyment after each book. This one is filled with surprises and secrets some of which were totally unexpected. I also loved revisiting the Merrimen sisters and catching up with what is going on in their lives. I highly recommend this series and reading it from the beginning. I for one hope there will be more books in the future but for now I am a very satisfied and happy reader.