Murder on the Mountain Book Cover Murder on the Mountain
Jamie Fessenden
M/M Mystery/Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 22, 2014

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is a Thank You gift to Jamie Fessenden being the PRG March Madness Featured Author!  Since I am  the review chair for the Guild I decided to ask Mr. Fessenden to recommend one book of his to read….It could have been written anytime during his career.

I realize he sent me Murder on the Mountain for a reason, since the topic of this trope is close to his heart. I have seen he and others on book threads, authors almost brought to fisticuffs in the argument: Bi Sexual or GFY (gay for you). Interesting topic isn’t it?  Yes it is and to a gay man, Jamie Fessenden feels it is a sore point.  I want to first talk about the book and I will enter my thoughts on the above topic at the end of my review.

Jesse Morales was my favorite, a twenty three year old young man who was open to living and life. Having a missing guest disappear on a foggy night on the mountain top, where he was working happened to be a perk for his detective solving enthusiasm. Being asked to help find the person was just up his alley, but finding the young man dead was a different matter. Meeting the totally hot officer Detective Kyle Dubois is a bonus!

Kyle is a widow losing his wife five years ago. He still wears his wedding band. He has not had any relationship in all that time. He had shared with his wife that he was attracted to men as well as woman, and his wife thought it a sexy extra in their marriage. She even pointed out sexy hot guys to him, but they were totally monogamous. He took one look at the younger man Jesse and all his blood went points south.

Stuart Warner is the deceased. Then it is called Murder. Stuart was here with his fiancée,  his brother, his best friend,   his in-laws and family. It was to be his wedding week. Why would he be murdered?

First let me say I loved the story, I loved the mystery combined with the romance. I wondered if our Jamie Fessenden followed his life with his character Jesse’s love of being an author writing who dun-its!

Reading was like playing Clue and I enjoyed the game!

The relationship between Jessie and Kyle took on a realistic portrayal of a bi-sexual man who would have his first encounter with a gender he was not yet familiar. The sparks flew between them from the beginning, and it was interesting since the story was written in both men’s POV to see the experience through Kyle’s eyes.   I get now why this topic is argued, and I do think the author delivered his feelings well thru Kyle.

I got the feeling that these two might have other adventures, and I would love to see another story about them in the future.  Hint, Hint    Well written…5***** Stars.